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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Ramon Casanova
Institution: Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Department: Biostatistical Sciences
Proposed Analysis: Application and development of Machine Learning Techniques for multimodalidality data analysis
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Christopher Whitlow
Proposed Analysis: He will provide support and advice as neuro-radiologist.
Investigator's Name: Sally Shumaker
Proposed Analysis: She will provide advice as a brain aging expert.
Investigator's Name: Mark Espeland
Proposed Analysis: He will provide support as biostatistician, expert in clinical trials data analysis,etc.
Investigator's Name: Fang Chi Hsu
Proposed Analysis: High Dimensional Imaging Genetic Analyses
Investigator's Name: Steve Rapp
Proposed Analysis: Evaluation of Biomarkers for Early AD prediction
Investigator's Name: Scott Rushing
Proposed Analysis: Evaluation of Biomarkers for Early Prediction of AD
Investigator's Name: Bryan Neth
Proposed Analysis: Analyses of plasma biomarker data.
Investigator's Name: Kate Hayden
Proposed Analysis: Imaging genetic analyses to test associations of AD risk genes with amyloid load.
Investigator's Name: Santiago Saldana
Proposed Analysis: Associations of air pollution with brain structure.
Investigator's Name: Ryan Barnard
Proposed Analysis: Development of AD risk metrics with application to air pollution.