MRI Core

The MRI CoreĀ is responsible for all aspects of MRI images including determining specific MRI pulse sequences, site qualification, QA and QC of all MRI data, tracking all MRI data acquisition and processing, and performance of all MRI data processing.

The MRI Core will also utilize an array of publicly available ADNI data including neuropsychological test results, genotyping, MRI morphometry and other biomarkers to investigate brain-behavior relationships in older adults with and without cognitive impairment. By examining various data, the MRI Core aims to identify patterns of cognitive test performance in groups at increased risk for cognitive decline, and investigate the association between these profiles and structural measures of brain volume and cortical thickness.



Principal Investigator

Clifford Jack, M.D.
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Clifford Jack is the most prominent neuroradiologist in the AD field. His major contribution has been to describe the changes in the volume of the hippocampus in AD and MCI compared to elderly controls, to describe the rates of change in these populations, and to correlate these changes with cognition and transitions to MCI and to AD.