Using the Data Archive:

The Image & Data Archive (IDA) is a user-friendly environment to archive, search, share, track and obtain ADNI data. A valid user account and an approved ADNI Data Use Application are required to access the ADNI images and data. For more information on obtaining access to ADNI data please review our Access Data page.

  • User Manual:  Review the IDA User Manual to learn how to search, share, download, batch archive, and manageobtain ADNI data. There are instructions on how to log-in and manage users.
  • Specifications: Internet connection with a web browser and Java Plug-in (Oracle/Sun version) 1.5 or higher. Test if Java is working on your computer.
  • Data Archive Terms & Codes: If you have questions about the terms or codes used in the ADNI Data Archive, type it in the box on the right for a definition. This box queries the ADNI data dictionary.
  • User Account FAQ

Training Sessions

ADNI provides online data training sessions to introduce users on how to navigate the data archive, use visualization tools, and find relevant materials on this site or related websites. Sessions are hosted by the ADNI Biostatistics core and will be announced in News section.

Study Questions

If you have a question about the ADNI study, please browse our lists of frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in corresponding about a specific data type, contact the respective ADNI Core on the Contact Us webpage.