Access Data

Through this website, qualified scientists may obtain access to imaging, clinical, genomic, and biomarker data for the purpose of scientific investigation, teaching or planning clinical research studies. ADNI Data is archived in a secured and encrypted system provided by the LONI Image Data Archive (IDA).  The IDA also hosts related data from the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle Study of Aging (AIBL) study, which you may also apply for access to below. Please go to for more information about the AIBL study. Using ADNI data in your research, requires adherence to the information outlined in the documents listed below. Note: documents are subject to updates by ADNI.

Apply for Access to Data

The application process includes acceptance of the Data Use Agreement and the submission of an online application form. The application must include the investigator’s institutional affiliation and the proposed research to be conducted using ADNI data. Click on the buttons below to apply for ADNI data, AIBL data, DOD ADNI data, or all three. More information about AIBL or DOD ADNI is available on the Collaborative Studies webpage.

Application Review

Applications for ADNI data are reviewed by the ADNI Data Sharing and Publications Committee (DPC), usually within one week of submission. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure investigator affiliation with a scientific or educational institution and on the basis of the proposed research. Incomplete applications or those without a clear research focus will not receive approval. The results of the Committee’s review will be sent via email. Approved applicants will receive login information to access and download ADNI data from the Image Data Archive (IDA).

Questions for the DPC may be emailed directly to Erin Drake.

ADNI Data Application Review figure

Data Archive Login

If you already have an ADNI Data account, you can login to the secured ADNI Data Archive to manage and download data.


  Maintaining Your ADNI Data Use Account Part of the ADNI Data Use Agreement requires that you update your proposed analysis on an annual basis in order to keep your account activated. You will be sent a reminder before your account is deactivated by the DPC. You may also add or remove co-investigators, submit manuscripts and update contact information from the user account. Click here to update your user account information. If you’ve forgotten your password, you may reset it here. Questions About Your Account If you have questions about using your ADNI data account, please review the User Account Frequently Asked Questions webpage or go to our Experts Knowledge Base, under SUPPORT. New users can also review and download instructions found in the LONI Image and Data Archive User Manual.

Transferring Data

If you are from an acquisition site and need to transfer data to the ADNI Data Archive, please go to the Upload Data page for instructions.