Resource Allocation Review Committee

Tom Montine, Ph.D.

The Resource Allocation Review Committee (RARC) is an independent group that reviews and processes requests for fluid and DNA samples collected from ADNI study participants. All interested researchers are required to apply for samples separately from the data.

ADNI Data And Publications Committee

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH – DPC Chair

Erin Drake – DPC Coordinator

The Data and Publications Committee (DPC) provides recommendations for sharing data from the ADNI as well as policies for publication and publication credits for those who use ADNI data. The intent of these policies is to facilitate the sharing of data with all interested investigators, to encourage academic productivity, and to provide a mechanism for tracking and archiving data requests, intended analyses and publications related to and resulting from ADNI data. More information about DPC Policies can be found here. Questions may be emailed directly to the DPC Coordinator, Erin Drake.