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Preprocessed Image Recalls – 10/3/07
Wed, Oct 3, 2007

Please discard any preprocessed scaled data from the subjects and scan dates below that were downloaded from LONI before 10/03/2007.

  • 005_S_0572 2006-12-27
  • 027_S_0408 2006-11-22
  • 013_S_1035 2007-05-30
  • 023_S_0058 2006-12-19
  • 133_S_0433 2006-11-29
  • 133_S_0488 2006-12-14
  • 126_S_0605 2006-12-18
  • 126_S_0506 2006-06-14
  • 033_S_0513 2006-12-07
  • 033_S_1098 2006-12-11
  • 032_S_0187 2006-10-16
  • 018_S_0425 2006-06-19
  • 018_S_0633 2007-01-19
  • 002_S_0413 2006-11-5
  • 002_S_0559 2006-12-12

The corresponding LONI image IDs are: I36433, I38854, I40669, I40808, I42271, I42810, I47388, I48909, I50986, I50991, I50998, I62689, I65955, I65960, I69528, I70621, I71382, I72154, I72845, I73324

The MR Core found discrepancies in which scale factors were applied because of a duplicate id on the phantom for 1.5T and 3T scans done on the same day. The duplicate ids will be reassigned, the studies will be reprocessed under the new identifiers and re-uploaded to LONI.

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