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Nonlinear Registration of Longitudinal Images and Measurement of Change in Regions of Interest
Holland, D., & Dale, A. M.
PMID: 21388857 ; PMCID:3115407 ; 2011; Journal Medical Image Analysis; vol. 15; no. 4; pp. 489-497; AWTYIUWHMOwVf_qbJr5M doi:10.1016/j.media.2011.02.005
Multi-template tensor-based morphometry: Application to analysis of Alzheimer's disease
Koikkalainen, J., Lötjönen, J., Thurfjell, L., Rueckert, D., Waldemar, G., & Soininen, H.
PMID: 21419228 ; PMCID:3554792 ; 2011; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 56; no. 3; pp. 1134-44; AWTYKMCDMOwVf_qbJr5x doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.03.029
Verification of predicted robustness and accuracy of multivariate analysis
Markiewicz, P. J., Matthews, J. C., Declerck, J., & Herholz, K.
PMID: 21338696 ; PMCID:3554787 ; 2011; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 56; no. 3; pp. 1382-5; AWTYNIDFwAl_G9zjEvbP doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.02.036
Prediction of MCI to AD conversion, via MRI, CSF biomarkers, and pattern classification
Davatzikos, C., Bhatt, P., Shaw, L. M., Batmanghelich, K. N., & Trojanowski, J. Q.
PMID: 20594615 ; PMCID:2951483 ; 2011; Journal Neurobiology of Aging; vol. 32; no. 12; pp. 2322.e19-27; AWTYEk81dzjauPDbjhkA doi:10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2010.05.023
Residual vectors for Alzheimer disease diagnosis and prognostication
Clark, D. G.
PMID: 22399094 ; PMCID:3236543 ; 2011; Journal Brain and Behavior; vol. 1; no. 2; pp. 142-52; AWTX-r2FMOwVf_qbJr4O doi:10.1002/brb3.19
Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease Using a Self-Smoothing Operator
Iglesias, J. E., Jiang, J., Liu, C., & Tu, Z.
PMID: 22003684 ; 2011; Journal Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention; vol. 14; no. 3; pp. 58-65; AWTX9JHXwAl_G9zjEvXn
CoRPORATE: Cortical Reconstruction by Pruning Outliers with Reeb Analysis and Topology-preserving Evolution
Shi, Y., Lai, R., & Toga, A. W.
PMID: 21761660 ; 2011; Journal Inf Process Med Imaging; vol. 22; pp. 233-44; AWTX9JHXwAl_G9zjEvX6
Predicting MCI outcome with clinically available MRI and CSF biomarkers
Heister, D., Brewer, J. B., Magda, S., Blennow, K., & McEvoy, L. K.
PMID: 21998317 ; PMCID:3198979 ; 2011; Journal Neurology; vol. 77; no. 17; pp. 1913-1920; AWTYH9GudzjauPDbjhmZ doi:10.1212/WNL.0b013e3182343314
Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for height and body mass index in ~700,000 individuals of European ancestry
Hu X1, Pickering E, Liu YC, Hall S, Fournier H, Katz E, Dechairo B, John S, Van Eerdewegh P, Soares H; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
PMID: 21390209 ; PMCID:3044719 ; 2011; Journal PLoS One; vol. 6; no. 2; AWTYOJQNwAl_G9zjEvcG doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016616
Independent component analysis-based classification of Alzheimer’s disease MRI data.
Yang, W., Lui, R. L. M., Gao, J. H., Chan, T. F., Yau, S. T., Sperling, R. a., & Huang, X.
2011; Journal Journal of Alzheimer's Disease; vol. 24; no. 4; pp. 775-783; AWURK5-zMOwVf_qbJr7Q doi:10.3233/JAD-2011-101371