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1800 Total Publications

Tractography of the uncinate fasciculus and the posterior cingulate fasciculus in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease.
Larroza, A., Moratal, D., D’Ocon Alcaniz, V., Arana, E., & por la Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging, I.
2014; Journal Neurologia; vol. 29; no. 1; pp. 11-20; AWUVKtlhdzjauPDbjhri doi:10.1016/j.nrl.2013.02.002
Statistical normalization techniques for magnetic resonance imaging.
Shinohara, R. T., Sweeney, E. M., Goldsmith, J., Shiee, N., Mateen, F. J., Calabresi, P. a, … Crainiceanu, C. M.
2014; Journal Neuroimage: Clinical; vol. 6; pp. 9-19; AWUVJki0wAl_G9zjEvg2 doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2014.08.008
Regularized 3D functional regression for brain image data via Haar wavelets.
Wang, X., Nan, B., Zhu, J., & Koeppe, R.
2014; Journal Annals of Applied Statistics; vol. 8; no. 2; pp. 1045-1064; AWUVJki0wAl_G9zjEvg5 doi:10.1214/14-AOAS736
Fast and accurate modelling of longitudinal and repeated measures neuroimaging data.
Guillaume, B., Hua, X., Thompson, P. M., Waldorp, L., & Nichols, T. E.
2014; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 94; pp. 287-302; AWUVJki0wAl_G9zjEvg_ doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2014.03.029
Computational genetics analysis of grey matter density in Alzheimer’s disease
Zieselman AL1, Fisher JM1, Hu T1, Andrews PC1, Greene CS1, Shen L2, Saykin AJ2, Moore JH1
PMID: 25165488 ; PMCID:25165488 ; 2014; Journal BioData Min; vol. 7; pp. 17; AWTYs7amwAl_G9zjEvfY doi:10.1186/1756-0381-7-17
Hierarchical multi-atlas label fusion with multi-scale feature representation and label-specific patch partition
Wu, G., Kim, M., Sanroma, G., Wang, Q., Munsell, B. C., & Shen, D.
PMID: 25463474 ; PMCID:4285661 ; 2014; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 106; pp. 177-188; AWTYolG5wAl_G9zjEvfR doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2014.11.025
A data-driven model of biomarker changes in sporadic Alzheimer's disease
Young, A. L., Oxtoby, N. P., Daga, P., Cash, D. M., Fox, N. C., Ourselin, S., … Alexander, D. C.
PMID: 25012224 ; PMCID:4132648 ; 2014; Journal Brain; vol. 137; no. 9; pp. 2564-77; AWTYsLzpdzjauPDbjhpW doi:10.1093/brain/awu176
Gene-based GWAS and -biological pathway analysis of the resilience of executive functioning
Mukherjee, S., Kim, S., Ramanan, V. K., Gibbons, L. E., Nho, K., Glymour, M. M., … Crane, P. K.
PMID: 24072271 ; PMCID:3944472 ; 2014; Journal Brain Imaging and Behaviour; vol. 8; no. 1; pp. 110-8; AWTYO_KSMOwVf_qbJr6Z doi:10.1007/s11682-013-9259-7
Multi-Atlas Based Representations for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis
Min, R., Wu, G., Cheng, J., Wang, Q., & Shen, D.
PMID: 24753060 ; PMCID:4169318 ; 2014; Journal Human Brain Mapping; vol. 35; no. 10; pp. 5052-70; AWTYOvc8wAl_G9zjEvcK doi:10.1002/hbm.22531