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3740 Total Publications

Enriching the design of Alzheimer's disease clinical trials: Application of the polygenic hazard score and composite outcome measures
Banks, SJ, Qiu, Y, Fan, CC, Dale, AM, Zou, J, Askew, B and Feldman, HH
PMCID:7507583 ; 2020; Journal Alzheimers Dement (N Y); vol. 6; no. 1; pp. e12071;
Predictive Value of (18)F-Florbetapir and (18)F-FDG PET for Conversion from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer Dementia
Blazhenets, G, Ma, Y, Sörensen, A, Schiller, F, Rücker, G, Eidelberg, D, Frings, L and Meyer, PT
PMCID:6723529 ; 2020; vol. 8; no. 8;
Developing Univariate Neurodegeneration Biomarkers with Low-Rank and Sparse Subspace Decomposition
Wang, G, Dong, Q, Wu, J, Su, Y, Chen, K, Su, Q, Zhang, X, Hao, J, Yao, T, Liu, L, Zhang, C, Caselli, RJ, Reiman, EM and Wang, Y
2020; Journal Medical Image Analysis; vol. 101877;
Spatial-Temporal Dependency Modeling and Network Hub Detection for Functional MRI Analysis via Convolutional-Recurrent Network
Wang, M, Lian, C, Yao, D, Zhang, D, Liu, M and Shen, D
PMID: 7439279 ; 2020; Journal IEEE Trans Biomed Eng; vol. 67; no. 8; pp. 2241-2252;
Multikernel linear mixed model with adaptive lasso for complex phenotype prediction
Wen, Y and Lu, Q
2020; Journal Statistics in Medicine; vol. 39; no. 9; pp. 1311-1327;
Imputed factor regression for high-dimensional block-wise missing data
Zhang, Y, Tang, N and Qu, A
2020; Journal Statistica Sinica; vol. 30; pp. 631-651;
Low Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels of Hemopexin Are Associated With Increased Alzheimer's Pathology, Hippocampal Hypometabolism, and Cognitive Decline
Ashraf, AA, Dani, M and So, P-W
2020; Journal Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences; vol. 7; pp. 407;
PLCG2 protective variant p.P522R modulates tau pathology and disease progression in patients with mild cognitive impairment
Kleineidam, L, Chouraki, V, Próchnicki, T, van der Lee, SJ, Madrid-Márquez, L, Wagner-Thelen, H, Karaca, I, Weinhold, L, Wolfsgruber, S, Boland, A, Martino Adami, PV, Lewczuk, P, Popp, J, Brosseron, F, Jansen, IE, Hulsman, M, Kornhuber, J, Peters, O, Berr, C, Heun, R, Frölich, L, Tzourio, C, Dartigues, JF, Hüll, M, Espinosa, A, Hernández, I, de Rojas, I, Orellana, A, Valero, S, Stringa, N, van Schoor, NM, Huisman, M, Scheltens, P, Rüther, E, Deleuze, JF, Wiltfang, J, Tarraga, L, Schmid, M, Scherer, M, Riedel-Heller, S, Heneka, MT, Amouyel, P, Jessen, F, Boada, M, Maier, W, Schneider, A, González-Pérez, A, van der Flier, WM, Wagner, M, Lambert, JC, Holstege, H, Sáez, ME, Latz, E, Ruiz, A and Ramirez, A
2020; Journal Acta Neuropathol; vol. 139; no. 6; pp. 1025-1044;