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3393 Total Publications

Bayesian longitudinal spectral estimation with application to resting-state fMRI data analysis
Dai, N, Jones, GL and Fiecas, M
2020; Journal Econometrics and Statistics; vol. 15; pp. 104-116;
Multimodal (18)F-AV-1451 and MRI Findings in Nonfluent Variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia: Possible Insights on Nodal Propagation of Tau Protein Across the Syntactic Network
Pascual, B, Funk, Q, Zanotti-Fregonara, P, Pal, N, Rockers, E, Yu, M, Spann, B, Román, GC, Schulz, PE, Karmonik, C, Appel, SH and Masdeu, JC
2020; vol. 8; no. 8; pp. 61-70;
Scalable Bayesian Regression in High Dimensions With Multiple Data Sources
Perrakis, K, Mukherjee, S and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics; vol. 29; no. 1; pp. 28-39;
Functional connectivity of white matter as a biomarker of cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease
Gao, Y, Sengupta, A, Li, M, Zu, Z, Rogers, BP, Anderson, AW, Ding, Z and Gore, JC
PMCID:7567362 ; 2020; Journal PLoS One; vol. 15; no. 10; pp. e0240513;
Minimum variance-embedded deep kernel regularized least squares method for one-class classification and its applications to biomedical data
Gautam, C, Mishra, PK, Tiwari, A, Richhariya, B, Pandey, HM, Wang, SH, Tanveer, M and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Neural Networks; vol. 123; pp. 191-216;
A Novel Individual Metabolic Brain Network for 18F-FDG PET Imaging
Huang, SY, Hsu, JL, Lin, KJ, Hsiao, IT and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience; vol. 14;
Designing weighted correlation kernels in convolutional neural networks for functional connectivity based brain disease diagnosis
Jie, B, Liu, M, Lian, C, Shi, F and Shen, D
2020; Journal Med Image Anal; vol. 63; pp. 101709;
beta-amyloid and tau drive early Alzheimer's disease decline while glucose hypometabolism drives late decline
Hammond, TC, Xing, X, Wang, C, Ma, D, Nho, K, Crane, PK, Elahi, F, Ziegler, DA, Liang, GB, Cheng, Q, Yanckello, LM, Jacobs, N and Lin, AL
2020; Journal Communications Biology; vol. 3; no. 1;
Assessment of Tau Tangles and Amyloid-beta Plaques Among Super Agers Using PET Imaging
Hoenig, MC, Willscheid, N, Bischof, GN, van Eimeren, T, Drzezga, A and Alzheimers Dis, N
2020; Journal Jama Network Open; vol. 3; no. 12;