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4453 Total Publications

Tau and atrophy: domain-specific relationships with cognition
Digma, LA, Madsen, JR, Reas, ET, Dale, AM, Brewer, JB, Banks, SJ and Alzheimers Dis, N
2019; Journal Alzheimers Research & Therapy; vol. 11; pp. 12;
Identifying progressive imaging genetic patterns via multi-task sparse canonical correlation analysis: a longitudinal study of the ADNI cohort
Du, L, Liu, K, Zhu, L, Yao, X, Risacher, SL, Guo, L, Saykin, AJ and Shen, L
2019; Journal Bioinformatics; vol. 35; no. 14; pp. i474-i483;
Prospective natural history study of C9orf72 ALS clinical characteristics and biomarkers
Cammack, AJ, Atassi, N, Hyman, T, van den Berg, LH, Harms, M, Baloh, RH, Brown, RH, van Es, MA, Veldink, JH, de Vries, BS, Rothstein, JD, Drain, C, Jockel-Balsarotti, J, Malcolm, A, Boodram, S, Salter, A, Wightman, N, Yu, H, Sherman, AV, Esparza, TJ, McKenna-Yasek, D, Owegi, MA, Douthwright, C, McCampbell, A, Ferguson, T, Cruchaga, C, Cudkowicz, M, Miller, TM and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Neurology; vol. 93; no. 17; pp. E1605-E1617;
RNN-based longitudinal analysis for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Cui, R. and Liu, M.
2019; Journal Comput Med Imaging Graph; vol. 73; pp. 10-Jan;
Ensemble of 3D densely connected convolutional network for diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease
Wang, H, Shen, Y, Wang, S, Xiao, T, Deng, L, Wang, X and Zhao, X
2019; Journal Neurocomputing; vol. 333; pp. 145-156;
Association of cerebrospinal fluid Neurogranin with Alzheimer’s disease
Wang, L
2019; Journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research; vol. 31; no. 2; pp. 185-191;
Identify Consistent Cross-Modality Imaging Genetic Patterns via Discriminant Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis
Wang, M, Shao, W, Hao, X, Shen, L and Zhang, D
2019; Journal IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform;
The MS4A gene cluster is a key modulator of soluble TREM2 and Alzheimer's disease risk
Deming, Y, Filipello, F, Cignarella, F, Cantoni, C, Hsu, S, Mikesell, R, Li, ZR, Del-Aguila, JL, Dube, U, Farias, FG, Bradley, J, Budde, J, Ibanez, L, Fernandez, MV, Blennow, K, Zetterberg, H, Heslegrave, A, Johansson, PM, Svensson, J, Nellgard, B, Lleo, A, Alcolea, D, Clarimon, J, Rami, L, Molinuevo, JL, Suarez-Calvet, M, Morenas-Rodriguez, E, Kleinberger, G, Ewers, M, Harari, O, Haass, C, Brett, TJ, Benitez, BA, Karch, CM, Piccio, L and Cruchaga, C
2019; Journal Science Translational Medicine; vol. 11; no. 505; pp. 18;
Differentiating Between Healthy Control Participants and Those with Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Volumetric MRI Data
DeVivo, R, Zajac, L, Mian, A, Cervantes-Arslanian, A, Steinberg, E, Alosco, ML, Mez, J, Stelll, R, Killany, R and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society; vol. 25; no. 8; pp. 800-810;
Clustering-based multi-view network fusion for estimating brain network atlases of healthy and disordered populations
Dhifallah, S, Rekik, I and Alzheimers Dis, N
2019; Journal Journal of Neuroscience Methods; vol. 311; pp. 426-435;