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4453 Total Publications

Association of Major Depressive Disorder with remotely administered measures of cognition and subjective report of cognitive difficulties across the adult age spectrum
Mackin, RS, Jin, C, Burns, E, Kassel, M, Rhodes, E, Nosheny, R, Ashford, M, Banh, T, Eichenbaum, J, Knight, K, Tank, R, Camacho, MR, Fockler, J, Truran, D, Neuhaus, J and Weiner, M
2023; Journal J Affect Disord; vol. 326; pp. 198-205;
sTREM2 is associated with amyloid-related p-tau increases and glucose hypermetabolism in Alzheimer_s disease
Biel, D, Suárez-Calvet, M, Hager, P, Rubinski, A, Dewenter, A, Steward, A, Roemer, S, Ewers, M, Haass, C, Brendel, M and Franzmeier, N
2023; Journal EMBO Mol Med; vol. 15; no. 2; pp. e16987;
Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Comparison of Tau Imaging with 18F-MK6240 and 18F-Flortaucipir in Populations Matched for Age, MMSE and Brain Beta-Amyloid Burden
Bourgeat, P, Krishnadas, N, Doré, V, Mulligan, R, Tyrrell, R, Bozinovski, S, Huang, K, Fripp, J, Villemagne, VL and Rowe, CC
2023; Journal J Prev Alzheimers Dis; vol. 10; no. 2; pp. 251-258;
Rationale for the selection of dual primary endpoints in prevention studies of cognitively unimpaired individuals at genetic risk for developing symptoms of Alzheimer_s disease
Caputo, A, Racine, A, Paule, I, Tariot, PN, Langbaum, JB, Coello, N, Riviere, ME, Ryan, JM, Lopez, CL and Graf, A
2023; Journal Alzheimers Res Ther; vol. 15; no. 1; pp. 45;
Brain-age prediction: A systematic comparison of machine learning workflows
More, S, Antonopoulos, G, Hoffstaedter, F, Caspers, J, Eickhoff, SB and Patil, KR
2023; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 270; pp. 119947;
Does statin use affect amyloid beta deposition and brain metabolism?
Nabizadeh, F, Valizadeh, P and Balabandian, M
2023; Journal CNS Neurosci Ther;
Longitudinal progression of choroid plexus enlargement is associated with female sex, cognitive decline and ApoE E4 homozygote status
Novakova Martinkova, J, Ferretti, MT, Ferrari, A, Lerch, O, Matuskova, V, Secnik, J and Hort, J
PMCID:10031049 ; 2023; Journal Front Psychiatry; vol. 14; pp. 1039239;
Estimating effective connectivity in Alzheimer_s disease progression: A dynamic causal modeling study
Huang, J, Jung, JY and Nam, CS
PMCID:9797690 ; 2023; Journal Front Hum Neurosci; vol. 16; pp. 1060936;