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3740 Total Publications

Aberrant Cross-Tissue Functional Connectivity in Alzheimer_s Disease: Static, Dynamic, and Directional Properties
Zhang, X, Guan, Q, Li, Y, Zhang, J, Zhu, W, Luo, Y and Zhang, H
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
VANT-GAN: Adversarial Learning for Discrepancy-Based Visual Attribution in Medical Imaging
Zia, T, Murtaza, S, Bashir, N, Windridge, D and Nisar, Z
2022; Journal Pattern Recognition Letters; no. 156;
Discovering epistasis interactions in Alzheimer_s disease using deep learning model
Abd El Hamid, MM, Omar, YM, Shaheen, M and Mabrouk, MS
2022; Journal Gene Reports; pp. 101673;
Goal-specific brain MRI harmonization
An, L, Chen, J, Chen, P, Zhang, C, He, T, Chen, C, Zhou, JH and Yeo, BTT
PMID: 119570 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 263;
FDG-PET to T1 Weighted MRI Translation with 3D Elicit Generative Adversarial Network (E-GAN)
Bazangani, F, Richard, FJP, Ghattas, B and Guedj, E
2022; Journal Sensors (Basel); no. 22; pp. 12;
Differential Patterns of Domain-Specific Cognitive Complaints and Awareness Across the Alzheimer_s Disease Spectrum
Cacciamani, F, Godefroy, V, Brambati, SM, Migliaccio, R, Epelbaum, S and Montembeault, M
PMID: 811739 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
Increased regional white matter hyperintensity volume in objectively-defined subtle cognitive decline and mild cognitive impairment
Calcetas, AT, Thomas, KR, Edmonds, EC, Holmqvist, SL, Edwards, L, Bordyug, M, Delano-Wood, L, Brickman, AM, Bondi, MW, Bangen, KJ and For The Alzheimer_s Disease Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Neurobiol Aging; no. 118;
Multivariate morphometry statistics reveal the morphological change pattern of hippocampus during normal aging
Chai, H, Sun, J, Zhou, P and Zhang, L
2022; Journal Neuroreport; no. 33; pp. 11;
Alzheimer_s genetic risk effects on cerebral blood flow across the lifespan are proximal to gene expression
Chandler, H, Wise, R, Linden, D, Williams, J, Murphy, K and Lancaster, TM
2022; Journal Neurobiol Aging; no. 120;