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4453 Total Publications

Deep Learning Model for Prediction of Progressive Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease Using Structural MRI
Lim, BY, Lai, KW, Haiskin, K, Kulathilake, K, Ong, ZC, Hum, YC, Dhanalakshmi, S, Wu, X and Zuo, X
2022; no. 876202;
Measuring Subjective Cognitive Decline in Older Adults: Harmonization Between the Cognitive Change Index and the Measurement of Everyday Cognition Instruments
Wells, LF, Risacher, SL, McDonald, BC, Farlow, MR, Brosch, J, Gao, S, Apostolova, LG and Saykin, AJ
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
Effects of age, amyloid, sex, and APOE ?4 on the CSF proteome in normal cognition
Wesenhagen, KE, Gobom, J, Bos, I, Vos, SJ, Martinez?Lage, P, Popp, J, Tsolaki, M, Vandenberghe, R, Freund?Levi, Y and Verhey, F
2022; Journal Alzheimer_s & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring; no. 14; pp. 1;
Association of APOE-Independent Alzheimer Disease Polygenic Risk Score With Brain Amyloid Deposition in Asymptomatic Older Adults
Xicota, L, Gyorgy, B, Grenier-Boley, B, Lecoeur, A, Fontaine, GL, Danjou, F, Gonzalez, JS, Colliot, O, Amouyel, P, Martin, G, Levy, M, Villain, N, Habert, MO, Dubois, B, Lambert, JC and Potier, MC
2022; Journal Neurology;
Correlating tau pathology to brain atrophyusing a physics-based Bayesian model
Schafer, A, Chaggar, P, Goriely, A and Kuhl, E
2022; Journal Engineering with Computers;
Exploring common genetic contributors to neuroprotection from amyloid pathology
Seto, M, Mahoney, ER, Dumitrescu, L, Ramanan, VK, Engelman, CD, Deming, Y, Albert, M, Johnson, SC, Zetterberg, H, Blennow, K, Vemuri, P, Jefferson, AL and Hohman, TJ
PMCID:9006043 ; 2022; Journal Brain Commun; no. 4; pp. 2;
A Single Model Deep Learning Approach for Alzheimer_s Disease Diagnosis
Zhang, F, Pan, B, Shao, P, Liu, P, Shen, S, Yao, P and Xu, RX
2022; Journal Neuroscience; no. 491;