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4453 Total Publications

The age-dependent associations of white matter hyperintensities and neurofilament light in early- and late-stage Alzheimer's disease
Walsh, P, Sudre, CH, Fiford, CM, Ryan, NS, Lashley, T, Frost, C and Barnes, J
2020; Journal Neurobiol Aging; vol. 97; pp. 17-Oct;
Using practice effects for targeted trials or sub-group analysis in Alzheimer's disease: How practice effects predict change over time
Wang, G, Kennedy, RE, Goldberg, TE, Fowler, ME, Cutter, GR and Schneider, LS
PMID: 32084191 ; PMCID:7034859 ; 2020; Journal PLoS One; vol. 15; no. 2; pp. e0228064;
APOE ε4 Allele Is Associated with Elevated Levels of CSF VILIP-1 in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease
Wang, L, Zhang, M, Wang, Q, Jiang, X, Li, K and Liu, J
PMCID:7156263 ; 2020; Journal Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat; vol. 16; pp. 923-931;
Is tau in the absence of amyloid on the Alzheimer's continuum?: A study of discordant PET positivity
Weigand, AJ, Bangen, KJ, Thomas, KR, Delano-Wood, L, Gilbert, PE, Brickman, AM and Bondi, MW
2020; Journal Brain Commun; vol. 2; no. 1; pp. fcz046;
Association of anticholinergic medications and AD biomarkers with incidence of MCI among cognitively normal older adults
Weigand, AJ, Bondi, MW, Thomas, KR, Campbell, NL, Galasko, DR, Salmon, DP, Sewell, D, Brewer, JB, Feldman, HH and Delano-Wood, L
2020; Journal Neurology; vol. 95; no. 16; pp. e2295-e2304;
Co-Sparse Reduced Rank Regression for Association Analysis between Imaging Phenotypes and Genetic Variants
Wen, C, Ba, H, Pan, W and Huang, M
2020; Journal Bioinformatics; vol. 36; no. 21; pp. 5214-22;
Convolutional neural networks for classification of Alzheimer's disease: Overview and reproducible evaluation
Wen, J, Thibeau-Sutre, E, Diaz-Melo, M, Samper-González, J, Routier, A, Bottani, S, Dormont, D, Durrleman, S, Burgos, N and Colliot, O
2020; Journal Med Image Anal; vol. 63; pp. 101694;
Sociodemographic data and APOE-ε4 augmentation for MRI-based detection of amnestic mild cognitive impairment using deep learning systems
Pelka, O, Friedrich, CM, Nensa, F, Mönninghoff, C, Bloch, L, Jöckel, KH, Schramm, S, Sanchez Hoffmann, S, Winkler, A, Weimar, C and Jokisch, M
PMCID:7518632 ; 2020; Journal PLoS One; vol. 15; no. 9; pp. e0236868;
Patterns of CSF Inflammatory Markers in Non-demented Older People: A Cluster Analysis
Peng, Y, Chen, B, Chi, L, Zhou, Q and Shi, Z
PMCID:7573280 ; 2020; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 12; pp. 577685;