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4453 Total Publications

Sequential Projection-Based Metacognitive Learning in a Radial Basis Function Network for Classification Problems
Babu, GS and Suresh, S
2013; Journal Ieee Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; vol. 24; no. 2; pp. 194-206;
Rationale for use of the Clinical Dementia Rating Sum of Boxes as a primary outcome measure for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials
Cedarbaum, J. M., Jaros, M., Hernandez, C., Coley, N., Andrieu, S., Grundman, M., & Vellas, B.
PMID: 22658286 ; 2013; Journal Alzheimer's and Dementia; vol. 9; no. 1; pp. 45-55;
Increased CNV-Region deletions in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease (AD) subjects in the ADNI sample
Guffanti, G., Torri, F., Rasmussen, J., Clark, A. P., Lakatos, A., Turner, J. a., … Macciardi, F
PMID: 23583670 ; PMCID:4012421 ; 2013; Journal Genomics; vol. 102; no. 2; pp. 112-122;
Genome-wide scan of healthy human connectome discovers SPON1 gene variant influencing dementia severity
Jahanshad, N, Rajagopalan, P, Hua, X, Hibar, DP, Nir, TM, Toga, AW, Jack, CR, Saykin, AJ, Green, RC, Weiner, MW, Medland, SE, Montgomery, GW, Hansell, NK, McMahon, KL, de Zubicaray, GI, Martin, NG, Wright, MJ, Thompson, PM and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2013; Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; vol. 110; no. 12; pp. 4768-4773;
Variation in Variables that Predict Progression from MCI to AD Dementia over Duration of Follow-up
Li, S, Okonkwo, O, Albert, M and Wang, MC
2013; Journal Am J Alzheimers Dis (Columbia); vol. 2; no. 1; pp. 28c;
The effect of subsyndromal symptoms of depression and white matter lesions on disability for individuals with mild cognitive impairment
Mackin, RS, Insel, P, Tosun, D, Mueller, SG, Schuff, N, Truran-Sacrey, D, Raptentsetsang, ST, Lee, JY, Jack, CR, Jr., Aisen, PS, Petersen, RC and Weiner, MW
2013; Journal Am J Geriatr Psychiatry; vol. 21; no. 9; pp. 906-14;
Establishing the psychometric underpinning of cognition measures for clinical trials of Alzheimer's disease and its precursors: A new approach
Posner, H. B., Cano, S., Carrillo, M. C., Selnes, O., Stern, Y., Thomas, R. G., … Hobart, J.
PMID: 23391006 ; 2013; Journal Alzheimer's and Dementia; vol. 9; pp. 56-60;
Random forests on Hadoop for genome-wide association studies of multivariate neuroimaging phenotypes
Wang, Y, Goh, W, Wong, L, Montana, G and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2013; Journal Bmc Bioinformatics; vol. 14;
Manifold learning of brain MRIs by deep learning.
Brosch, T., & Tam, R.
PMID: 24579194 ; 2013; Journal Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol. 8150; no. 2;
SPReM: Sparse Projection Regression Model For High-dimensional Linear Regression
Sun, Q., Hongtu, Z., Yufeng, L., & Joseph G., I.
PMID: 26527844 ; 2013; Journal Journal of the American Statistical Association;