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4453 Total Publications

Sensitivity of memory subtests and learning slopes from the ADAS-Cog to distinguish along the continuum of the NIA-AA Research Framework for Alzheimer's Disease
Hammers, DB, Kostadinova, RV, Spencer, RJ, Ikanga, JN, Unverzagt, FW, Risacher, SL and Apostolova, LG
2022; no. 19;
Doubly Supervised Transfer Classifier for Computer-Aided Diagnosis with Imbalanced Modalities
Han, X, Fei, X, Wang, J, Zhou, T, Ying, S, Shi, J and Shen, D
Association of rs2072446 in the NGFR gene with the risk of Alzheimer's disease and amyloid-β deposition in the brain
He, CY, Wang, ZT, Shen, YY, Shi, AY, Li, HY, Chen, DW, Zeng, GH, Tan, CR, Yu, JT, Zeng, F and Wang, YJ
Polygenic resilience scores capture protective genetic effects for Alzheimer's disease
Hou, J, Hess, JL, Armstrong, N, Bis, JC, Grenier-Boley, B, Karlsson, IK, Leonenko, G, Numbers, K, O'Brien, EK, Shadrin, A, Thalamuthu, A, Yang, Q, Andreassen, OA, Brodaty, H, Gatz, M, Kochan, NA, Lambert, JC, Laws, SM, Masters, CL, Mather, KA, Pedersen, NL, Posthuma, D, Sachdev, PS, Williams, J, Fan, CC, Faraone, SV, Fennema-Notestine, C, Lin, SJ, Escott-Price, V, Holmans, P, Seshadri, S, Tsuang, MT, Kremen, WS and Glatt, SJ
2022; vol. 1; no. 296;
Multi-modality MRI for Alzheimer's disease detection using deep learning
Houria, L, Belkhamsa, N, Cherfa, A and Cherfa, Y
2022; no. 11;
Disentangling the effects of Alzheimer's and small vessel disease on white matter fibre tracts
Dewenter, A, Jacob, MA, Cai, M, Gesierich, B, Hager, P, Kopczak, A, Biel, D, Ewers, M, Tuladhar, AM, de Leeuw, FE, Dichgans, M, Franzmeier, N, Duering, M, Consortium, SVt and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I