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3740 Total Publications

Group-Wise Learning for Aurora Image Classification With Multiple Representations
Zhang, J, Liu, MX, Lu, K and Gao, Y
2021; Journal Ieee Transactions on Cybernetics; vol. 51; no. 8; pp. 4112-4124;
Gaussian Graphical Model Exploration and Selection in High Dimension Low Sample Size Setting
Lartigue, T, Bottani, S, Baron, S, Colliot, O, Durrleman, S, Allassonniere, S and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Ieee Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence; vol. 43; no. 9; pp. 3196-3213;
Deep Learning-Based Segmentation in Classification of Alzheimer's Disease
Buvaneswari, PR and Gayathri, R
2021; Journal Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering;
Alzheimer’s disease progression detection model based on an early fusion of cost-effective multimodal data
El-Sappagh, S, Saleh, H, Sahal, R, Abuhmed, T, Islam, SR, Ali, F and Amer, E
2021; Journal Future Generation Computer Systems; no. 115; pp. 680-699;
The heterogeneity among subgroups of haplogroup J influencing Alzheimer’s disease risk
Liu, H, Zhang, Y, Zhao, H, Du, Y, Liu, X and Initiative, AsDN
2021; Journal Journal of Advanced Research;
Latent Class and Transition Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Data
Alashwal, H, Diallo, TMO, Tindle, R, Moustafa, AA and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Frontiers in Computer Science; vol. 2; pp. 13;
Biomarkers and phenotypic expression in Alzheimer’s disease: exploring the contribution of frailty in the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Canevelli, M, Arisi, I, Bacigalupo, I, Arighi, A, Galimberti, D, Vanacore, N, D’Onofrio, M, Cesari, M and Bruno, G
PMCID:8110661 ; 2021; Journal GeroScience; vol. 43; no. 2; pp. 1039 – 1051;
Multimodal Early Alzheimer's Detection, a Genetic Algorithm Approach with Support Vector Machines
Sánchez-Reyna, AG, Celaya-Padilla, JM, Galván-Tejada, CE, Luna-García, H, Gamboa-Rosales, H, Ramirez-Morales, A, Galván-Tejada, JI and On Behalf Of The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
PMCID:8391811 ; 2021; Journal Healthcare (Basel); vol. 9; no. 8;
Hippocampus segmentation on epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease studies with multiple convolutional neural networks
Carmo, D, Silva, B, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I, Yasuda, C, Rittner, L and Lotufo, R
PMCID:7892928 ; 2021; Journal Heliyon; vol. 7; no. 2; pp. e06226;
Intracranial volume segmentation for neurodegenerative populations using multicentre FLAIR MRI
DiGregorio, J, Arezza, G, Gibicar, A, Moody, AR, Tyrrell, PN and Khademi, A
2021; Journal Neuroimage: Reports; vol. 1; no. 1; pp. 100006;