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4453 Total Publications

Structural Neuroimaging Genetics Interactions in Alzheimer's Disease
Moon SW1, Dinov ID2,3, Kim J4, Zamanyan A2, Hobel S2, Thompson PM2, Toga AW2
PMID: 26444770 ; PMCID:4730943 ; 2015; Journal J Alzheimers Disease; vol. 48; no. 4; pp. 1051-63;
Minimal neighborhood redundancy maximal relevance: Application to the diagnosis of Alzheimer׳s disease.
Morgado, P. M., & Silveira, M.
2015; Journal Neurocomputing; vol. 155; pp. 295-308;
Graph theoretic analysis of structural connectivity across the spectrum of Alzheimer's disease: The importance of graph creation methods
Phillips, D. J., McGlaughlin, A., Ruth, D., Jager, L. R., & Soldan, A.
PMID: 25984446 ; PMCID:4429220 ; 2015; Journal Neuroimage: Clinical; vol. 7; pp. 377-390;
Brain connectivity and novel network measures for Alzheimer's disease classification
Prasad, G., Joshi, S. H., Nir, T. M., Toga, A. W., & Thompson, P. M.
PMID: 25264345 ; PMCID:4276322 ; 2015; Journal Neurobiology of Aging; vol. 36; no. 1; pp. 121-31;
The neural correlates of anomia in the conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease
Pravata, E; J. Tavernier, R. Parker, H. Vavro, J. E. Mintzer and M. V. Spampinato
2015; Journal Neuroradiology; vol. 58; no. 1; pp. 59-67;
Common Variants in PLD3 and Correlation to Amyloid-Related Phenotypes in Alzheimer's Disease
Wang, C, Tan, L, Wang, HF, Yu, WJ, Liu, Y, Jiang, T, Tan, MS, Hao, XK, Zhang, DQ and Yu, JT
2015; Journal J Alzheimers Dis; vol. 46; no. 2; pp. 491-5;
Multi-modality sparse representation-based classification for Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment
Xu, LL, Wu, X, Chen, KW and Yao, L
2015; Journal Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine; vol. 122; no. 2; pp. 182-190;
Novel Cortical Thickness Pattern for Accurate Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
Zheng, WH, Yao, ZJ, Hu, B, Gao, X, Cai, HS, Moore, P and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2015; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 48; no. 4; pp. 995-1008;
Multi-view Classification for Identification of Alzheimer's Disease
Zhu, X, Suk, HI, Zhu, Y, Thung, KH, Wu, G and Shen, D
2015; Journal Mach Learn Med Imaging; vol. 9352; pp. 255-262;