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3740 Total Publications

Label-aligned multi-task feature learning for multimodal classification of Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment
Zu C1, Jie B1,2, Liu M1, Chen S1, Shen D3,4, Zhang D5; Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
PMID: 26572145 ; PMCID:4868803 ; 2016; Journal Brain Imaging Behavior; vol. 10; no. 4; pp. 1148-1159; doi:10.1007/s11682-015-9480-7
Association Between Anticholinergic Medication Use and Cognition, Brain Metabolism, and Brain Atrophy in Cognitively Normal Older Adults
S. L. Risacher, B. C. McDonald, E. F. Tallman, J. D. West, M. R. Farlow, F. W. Unverzagt, S. Gao, M. Boustani, P. K. Crane, R. C. Petersen, C. R. Jack, Jr., W. J. Jagust, P. S. Aisen, M. W. Weiner, A. J. Saykin and I. Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging
PMID: 27088965 ; PMCID:5029278 ; 2016; Journal JAMA Neurol; vol. 73; no. 6; pp. 721-32; doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2016.0580
Association Between Genetic Traits for Immune-Mediated Diseases and Alzheimer Disease
J. S. Yokoyama, Y. Wang, A. J. Schork, W. K. Thompson, C. M. Karch, C. Cruchaga, L. K. McEvoy, A. Witoelar, C. H. Chen, D. Holland, J. B. Brewer, A. Franke, W. P. Dillon, D. M. Wilson, P. Mukherjee, C. P. Hess, Z. Miller, L. W. Bonham, J. Shen, G. D. Rabinovici, H. J. Rosen, B. L. Miller, B. T. Hyman, G. D. Schellenberg, T. H. Karlsen, O. A. Andreassen, A. M. Dale and R. S. Desikan
PMID: 27088644 ; PMCID:4905783 ; 2016; Journal JAMA Neurol; vol. 73; no. 6; pp. 691-7; doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2016.0150
Association of traumatic brain injury with subsequent neurological and psychiatric disease: a meta-analysis
Crane PK1, Gibbons LE1, Dams-O'Connor K2, Trittschuh E3, Leverenz JB4, Keene CD5, Sonnen J6, Montine TJ7, Bennett DA8, Leurgans S8, Schneider JA9, Larson EB10
PMID: 27400367 ; PMCID:5319642 ; 2016; Journal JAMA Neurol; vol. 73; no. 9; pp. 1062-9; doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2016.1948
Asymptomatic Alzheimer disease: Defining resilience.
T. J. Hohman, D. G. McLaren, E. C. Mormino, K. A. Gifford, D. J. Libon, A. L. Jefferson and I. Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging
PMID: 27815399 ; PMCID:5177674 ; 2016; Journal Neurology; vol. 87; no. 23; pp. 2443-2450; doi:10.1212/WNL.0000000000003397
Genetic Association of HLA Gene Variants with MRI Brain Structure in Alzheimer’s Disease
Z. X. Wang, Y. Wan, L. Tan, J. Liu, H. F. Wang, F. R. Sun, M. S. Tan, C. C. Tan, T. Jiang, L. Tan, J. T. Yu and I. Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging
PMID: 27056077 ; 2016; Journal Mol Neurobiol; vol. 54; no. 5; pp. 3195-3204; doi:10.1007/s12035-016-9889-z
Detection of Alzheimer’s disease at mild cognitive impairment and disease progression using autoantibodies as blood-based biomarkers
C. A. DeMarshall, E. P. Nagele, A. Sarkar, N. K. Acharya, G. Godsey, E. L. Goldwaser, M. Kosciuk, U. Thayasivam, M. Han and B. Belinka
PMID: 27239548 ; PMCID:4879649 ; 2016; Journal Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring; vol. 3; pp. 51-62; doi:10.1016/j.dadm.2016.03.002
CSF Aβ1–42 – an excellent but complicated Alzheimer's biomarker – a route to standardisation
J. A. Kuhlmann, A. U., J. Pannee, M. Bjerke, E. Portelius, A. Leinenbach, T. Bittner, M. Korecka, R. G. Jenkins and Vanderstichele
PMID: 27216941 ; 2016; Journal Clinica Chimica Acta; vol. 467; pp. 27-33; doi:10.1016/j.cca.2016.05.014
Impact of PICALM and CLU on hippocampal degeneration
X. Yang, J. Li, B. Liu, Y. Li and T. Jiang
2016; Journal Hum Brain Mapp; vol. 37; no. 7; pp. 2419-30; doi:10.1002/hbm.23183