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4453 Total Publications

Ordinal SuStaIn: Subtype and Stage Inference for Clinical Scores, Visual Ratings, and Other Ordinal Data
Young, AL, Vogel, JW, Aksman, LM, Wijeratne, PA, Eshaghi, A, Oxtoby, NP, Williams, SCR and Alexander, DC
PMCID:8387598 ; 2021; Journal Front Artif Intell; vol. 4; pp. 613261;
Multi-model and multi-slice ensemble learning architecture based on 2D convolutional neural networks for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis
Kang, W, Lin, L, Zhang, B, Shen, X, Wu, S and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Comput Biol Med; vol. 136; pp. 104678;
A Real-Time Clinical Decision Support System, for Mild Cognitive Impairment Detection, Based on a Hybrid Neural Architecture
Suárez-Araujo, CP, García Báez, P, Cabrera-León, Y, Prochazka, A, Rodríguez Espinosa, N, Fernández Viadero, C and Neuroimaging Initiative, F
PMCID:8257364 ; 2021; Journal Comput Math Methods Med; vol. 2021; pp. 5545297;
A robust brain signature region approach for episodic memory performance in older adults
Fletcher, E, Gavett, B, Crane, P, Soldan, A, Hohman, T, Farias, S, Widaman, K, Groot, C, Renteria, MA, Zahodne, L, DeCarli, C and Mungas, D
PMCID:8105039 ; 2021; Journal Brain; vol. 144; no. 4; pp. 1089-1102;
Comparison of subtyping methods for neuroimaging studies in Alzheimer’s disease: a call for harmonization
Mohanty, R, Mårtensson, G, Poulakis, K, Muehlboeck, J-S, Rodriguez-Vieitez, E and Chiotis, K
2021; Journal Brain Communications;
MRI-based Alzheimer's disease-resemblance atrophy index in the detection of preclinical and prodromal Alzheimer's disease
Liu, W, Au, LWC, Abrigo, J, Luo, Y, Wong, A, Lam, BYK, Fan, X, Kwan, PWL, Ma, HW, Ng, AYT, Chen, S, Leung, EYL, Ho, CL, Wong, SHM, Chu, WC, Ko, H, Lau, AYL, Shi, L and Mok, VCT
PMCID:8202853 ; 2021; Journal Aging (Albany NY); vol. 13; no. 10; pp. 13496-13514;
Predictive value of ATN biomarker profiles in estimating disease progression in Alzheimer's disease dementia
Ezzati, A, Abdulkadir, A, Jack Jr, CR, Thompson, PM, Harvey, DJ, Truelove‐Hill, M, Sreepada, LP, Davatzikos, C, Initiative, AsDN and Lipton, RB
2021; Journal Alzheimer's & Dementia; vol. 17; no. 11; pp. 1855-1867;
Optimal Minimax Variable Selection for Large-Scale Matrix Linear Regression Model
Hao, M, Qu, L, Kong, D, Sun, L and Zhu, H
2021; Journal Journal of Machine Learning Research; vol. 22; no. 147; pp. Jan-39;
Positron emission tomography image enhancement using magnetic resonance images and U-net structure
Garehdaghi, F, Meshgini, S and Afrouzian, R
2021; Journal Computers & Electrical Engineering; vol. 90; pp. 106973;