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3393 Total Publications

Deep feature extraction method based on ensemble of convolutional auto encoders: Application to Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis
Hedayati, R, Khedmati, M and Taghipour-Gorjikolaie, M
2021; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; vol. 66; pp. 102397;
Plasma p-tau181 Level Predicts Neurodegeneration and Progression to Alzheimer's Dementia: A Longitudinal Study
Wang, YL, Chen, J, Du, ZL, Weng, H, Zhang, Y, Li, R, Jia, Z, Sun, M, Jiang, J, Wang, FZ and Xu, J
PMCID:8452983 ; 2021; Journal Front Neurol; vol. 12; pp. 695696;
Norms for Automatic Estimation of Hippocampal Atrophy and a Step Forward for Applicability to the Italian Population
De Francesco, S, Galluzzi, S, Vanacore, N, Festari, C, Rossini, PM, Cappa, SF, Frisoni, GB and Redolfi, A
PMCID:8273578 ; 2021; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 15; pp. 656808;
The Impact of Multimorbidity Burden, Frailty Risk Scoring, and 3-Directional Morphological Indices vs. Testing for CSF Responsiveness in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Soon, SXY, Kumar, AA, Tan, AJL, Lo, YT, Lock, C, Kumar, S, Kwok, J and Keong, NC
PMCID:8636813 ; 2021; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 15; pp. 751145;
The Feasibility of Differentiating Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease by Deep Learning Using ECD SPECT Images
Ni, YC, Tseng, FP, Pai, MC, Hsiao, IT, Lin, KJ, Lin, ZK, Lin, CY, Chiu, PY, Hung, GU, Chang, CC, Chang, YT, Chuang, KS and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Diagnostics (Basel); vol. 11; no. 11;
Automated age- and sex-specific volumetric estimation of regional brain atrophy: workflow and feasibility
Caspers, J, Heeger, A, Turowski, B and Rubbert, C
PMCID:7813701 ; 2021; Journal Eur Radiol; vol. 31; no. 2; pp. 1043-1048;
Subtyping of mild cognitive impairment using a deep learning model based on brain atrophy patterns
Kwak, K, Giovanello, KS, Bozoki, A, Styner, M, Dayan, E and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Cell Reports Medicine; vol. 2; no. 12; pp. 18;
Longitudinal predictive modeling of tau progression along the structural connectome
Yang, F, Chowdhury, SR, Jacobs, HIL, Sepulcre, J, Wedeen, VJ, Johnson, KA and Dutta, J
2021; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 237; pp. 118126;
Influence of common reference regions on regional tau patterns in cross-sectional and longitudinal F-18 -AV-1451 PET data
Young, CB, Landau, SM, Harrison, TM, Poston, KL, Mormino, EC and Adni
2021; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 243; pp. 11;
Optimizing differential identifiability improves connectome predictive modeling of cognitive deficits from functional connectivity in Alzheimer's disease
Svaldi, DO, Goñi, J, Abbas, K, Amico, E, Clark, DG, Muralidharan, C, Dzemidzic, M, West, JD, Risacher, SL, Saykin, AJ and Apostolova, LG
2021; Journal Hum Brain Mapp;