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4453 Total Publications

Clinical and Technical Considerations for Brain PET Imaging for Dementia
Acuff, SN, Mathotaarachchi, S, Zukotynski, K, Osborne, D, Subramaniam, R and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology; vol. 48; no. 1; pp. 08-May;
Ensemble of ROI-based convolutional neural network classifiers for staging the Alzheimer disease spectrum from magnetic resonance imaging
Ahmed, S, Kim, BC, Lee, KH and Jung, HY
2020; Journal PLoS One; vol. 15; no. 12; pp. e0242712;
Mitonuclear interactions influence Alzheimer's disease risk
Andrews, SJ, Fulton-Howard, B, Patterson, C, McFall, GP, Gross, A, Michaelis, EK, Goate, A, Swerdlow, RH and Pa, J
PMCID:7205324 ; 2020; Journal Neurobiol Aging; vol. 87; pp. 138.e7-138.e14;
Effects of sex, age, and apolipoprotein E genotype on hippocampal parenchymal fraction in cognitively normal older adults
Ardekani, BA, Izadi, NO, Hadid, SA, Meftah, AM, Bachman, AH and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Psychiatry Research-Neuroimaging; vol. 301;
Analytical and Clinical Performance of Amyloid-Beta Peptides Measurements in CSF of ADNIGO/2 Participants by an LC-MS/MS Reference Method
Korecka, M, Figurski, MJ, Landau, SM, Brylska, M, Alexander, J, Blennow, K, Zetterberg, H, Jagust, WJ, Trojanowski, JQ and Shaw, LM
PMCID:7108496 ; 2020; Journal Clin Chem; vol. 66; no. 4; pp. 587-597;
Discriminative Feature Network Based on a Hierarchical Attention Mechanism for Semantic Hippocampus Segmentation
Shi, J, Zhang, R, Guo, L, Gao, L, Ma, H and Wang, J
2020; Journal IEEE J Biomed Health Inform;
Imaging genomics discovery of a new risk variant for Alzheimer's disease in the postsynaptic SHARPIN gene
Soheili-Nezhad, S, Jahanshad, N, Guelfi, S, Khosrowabadi, R, Saykin, AJ, Thompson, PM, Beckmann, CF, Sprooten, E and Zarei, M
PMID: 7416020 ; 2020; Journal Hum Brain Mapp; vol. 41; no. 13; pp. 3737-3748;
Study on structural atrophy changes and functional connectivity measures in Alzheimer's disease
Subramanian, S, Rajamanickam, K, Prakash, JS and Ramachandran, M
PMCID:7043284 ; 2020; Journal J Med Imaging (Bellingham); vol. 7; no. 1; pp. 16002;
Women's higher brain metabolic rate compensates for early Alzheimer's pathology
Sundermann, EE, Maki, PM, Reddy, S, Bondi, MW and Biegon, A
2020; Journal Alzheimers Dement (Amst); vol. 12; no. 1; pp. e12121;
Groupwise track filtering via iterative message passing and pruning
Xia, Y and Shi, Y
2020; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 221; pp. 117147;