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4453 Total Publications

The metabolic brain signature of cognitive resilience in the 80+: beyond Alzheimer pathologies
Arenaza-Urquijo, E. M., Przybelski, S. A., Lesnick, T. L., Graff-Radford, J., Machulda, M. M., Knopman, D. S., Schwarz, C. G., Lowe, V. J., Mielke, M. M., Petersen, R. C., Jack, C. R. and Vemuri, P.
PMID: 30851100 ; 2019; Journal Brain;
Cognitive dispersion is a sensitive marker for early neurodegenerative changes and functional decline in nondemented older adults
Bangen, KJW, A. J.: Thomas, K. R.: Delano-Wood, L.: Clark, L. R.: Eppig, J.: Werhane, M. L.: Edmonds, E. C.: Bondi, M. W.
2019; Journal Neuropsychology;
FAst Segmentation Through SURface Fairing (FASTSURF): A novel semi-automatic hippocampus segmentation method
Bartel, F, Vrenken, H, van Herk, M, de Ruiter, M, Belderbos, J, Hulshof, J and de Munck, JC
2019; Journal Plos One; vol. 14; no. 1; pp. 26;
Education does not protect cognitive function from brain pathology in the ADNI 2 cohort
Bauer, CE, Brown, CA and Gold, BT
2019; Journal Neurobiol Aging;
Bias-adjustment in neuroimaging-based brain age frameworks: A robust scheme
Beheshti, I, Nugent, S, Potvin, O and Duchesne, S
2019; Journal Neuroimage-Clinical; vol. 24; pp. 6;
Predicting time to dementia using a quantitative template of disease progression
Bilgel, M and Jedynak, BM
2019; Journal Alzheimers Dement (Amst); vol. 11; pp. 205-215;
Predicting clinical decline and conversion to Alzheimer's disease or dementia using novel Elecsys Abeta(1-42), pTau and tTau CSF immunoassays
Blennow, K, Shaw, LM, Stomrud, E, Mattsson, N, Toledo, JB, Buck, K, Wahl, S, Eichenlaub, U, Lifke, V, Simon, M, Trojanowski, JQ and Hansson, O
2019; Journal Sci Rep; vol. 9; no. 1; pp. 19024;
Multi-study validation of data-driven disease progression models to characterize evolution of biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease
Archetti, DI, S.: Venkatraghavan, V.: Wottschel, V.: Young, A. L.: Bellio, M.: Bron, E. E.: Klein, S.: Barkhof, F.: Alexander, D. C.: Oxtoby, N. P.: Frisoni, G. B.: Redolfi, A.
2019; Journal Neuroimage Clin; vol. 24; pp. 101954;
Automated Generation of Radiologic Descriptions on Brain Volume Changes From T1-Weighted MR Images: Initial Assessment of Feasibility
Akazawa, K, Sakamoto, R, Nakajima, S, Wu, D, Li, Y, Oishi, K, Faria, AV, Yamada, K, Togashi, K, Lyketsos, CG, Miller, MI, Mori, S and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Frontiers in Neurology; vol. 10; pp. 14;
Sex differences in the association of APOE epsilon 4 genotype with longitudinal hippocampal atrophy in cognitively normal older people
Shen, S, Zhou, W, Chen, X, Zhang, J and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal European Journal of Neurology; vol. 26; no. 11; pp. 1362-1369;