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3740 Total Publications

Network interdigitations of Tau and amyloid-beta deposits define cognitive levels in aging
Kim, CM, Montal, V, Diez, I, Orwig, W and Sepulcre, J
2021; Journal Hum Brain Mapp;
Accelerated functional brain aging in pre-clinical familial Alzheimer's disease
Gonneaud, J, Baria, AT, Pichet Binette, A, Gordon, BA, Chhatwal, JP, Cruchaga, C, Jucker, M, Levin, J, Salloway, S, Farlow, M, Gauthier, S, Benzinger, TLS, Morris, JC, Bateman, RJ, Breitner, JCS, Poirier, J, Vachon-Presseau, E and Villeneuve, S
PMCID:8429427 ; 2021; Journal Nat Commun; vol. 12; no. 1; pp. 5346;
A deep learning framework identifies dimensional representations of Alzheimer's Disease from brain structure
Yang, Z, Nasrallah, IM, Shou, H, Wen, J, Doshi, J, Habes, M, Erus, G, Abdulkadir, A, Resnick, SM, Albert, MS, Maruff, P, Fripp, J, Morris, JC, Wolk, DA and Davatzikos, C
PMCID:8642554 ; 2021; Journal Nat Commun; vol. 12; no. 1; pp. 7065;
Toward a unified analysis of cerebellum maturation and aging across the entire lifespan: A MRI analysis
Romero, JE, Coupe, P, Lanuza, E, Catheline, G, Manjon, JV and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2021; Journal Human Brain Mapping; vol. 42; no. 5; pp. 1287-1303;
Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Alzheimer's Disease Classification
Yew, AYL and Rahim, MSM
2021; Journal International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems; vol. 10;
An Intelligent Healthcare System for Automated Alzheimer's Disease Prediction and Personalized Care
Shaikh, TA, Ar, R, Mir, WA and Izharuddin
2021; Journal International Journal of Next-Generation Computing; vol. 12; no. 2; pp. 240-253;
Early Identification of Alzheimer's Disease in Mouse Models: Application of Deep Neural Network Algorithm to Cognitive Behavioral Parameters
Sutoko, S, Masuda, A, Kandori, A, Sasaguri, H, Saito, T, Saido, TC and Funane, T
PMCID:7937558 ; 2021; Journal iScience; vol. 24; no. 3; pp. 102198;
Learning Common Harmonic Waves on Stiefel Manifold - A New Mathematical Approach for Brain Network Analyses
Chen, JZ, Han, GQ, Cai, HM, Yang, DF, Laurienti, PJ, Styner, M and Wu, GR
2021; Journal Ieee Transactions on Medical Imaging; vol. 40; no. 1; pp. 419-430;
Resilience to Plasma and Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid-beta in Cognitively Normal Individuals: Findings From Two Cohort Studies
Lin, L, Sun, Y, Wang, XQ, Su, L, Wang, XN, Han, Y and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience; vol. 13;
Long runs of homozygosity are associated with Alzheimer's disease
Moreno-Grau, S, Fernández, MV, de Rojas, I, Garcia-González, P, Hernández, I, Farias, F, Budde, JP, Quintela, I, Madrid, L, González-Pérez, A, Montrreal, L, Alarcón-Martín, E, Alegret, M, Maroñas, O, Pineda, JA, Macías, J, Marquié, M, Valero, S, Benaque, A, Clarimón, J, Bullido, MJ, García-Ribas, G, Pástor, P, Sánchez-Juan, P, Álvarez, V, Piñol-Ripoll, G, García-Alberca, JM, Royo, JL, Franco-Macías, E, Mir, P, Calero, M, Medina, M, Rábano, A, Ávila, J, Antúnez, C, Real, LM, Orellana, A, Carracedo, Á, Sáez, ME, Tárraga, L, Boada, M, Cruchaga, C and Ruiz, A
2021; Journal Transl Psychiatry; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 142;