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4453 Total Publications

Screening and enrollment of underrepresented ethnocultural and educational populations in the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI)
Ashford, MT, Raman, R, Miller, G, Donohue, MC, Okonkwo, OC, Mindt, MR, Nosheny, RL, Coker, GA, Petersen, RC, Aisen, PS and Weiner, MW
The Correlation Between White Matter Hyperintensity Burden and Regional Brain Volumetry in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease
Cao, Z, Mai, Y, Fang, W, Lei, M, Luo, Y, Zhao, L, Liao, W, Yu, Q, Xu, J, Ruan, Y, Xiao, S, Mok, VCT, Shi, L and Liu, J
2022; no. 760360;
The use of artificial neural networks to diagnose Alzheimer's disease from brain images
Fouladi, S, Safaei, AA, Arshad, NI, Ebadi, MJ and Ahmadian, A
2022; no. 41;
Deep transfer learning-based fully automated detection and classification of Alzheimer's disease on brain MRI
Ghaffari, H, Tavakoli, H and Pirzad Jahromi, G
2022; Journal 95; vol. 1136; no. 20211253;
Evaluation of Feature Selection for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
Gu, F, Ma, S, Wang, X, Zhao, J, Yu, Y and Song, X
2022; Journal 14; no. 924113;
A predictive model using the mesoscopic architecture of the living brain to detect Alzheimer's disease
Inglese, M, Patel, N, Linton-Reid, K, Loreto, F, Win, Z, Perry, RJ, Carswell, C, Grech-Sollars, M, Crum, WR, Lu, H, Malhotra, PA and Aboagye, EO
2022; Journal 2; no. 70;
Association of presynaptic loss with Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline
Lan, G, Cai, Y, Li, A, Liu, Z, Ma, S and Guo, T