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4453 Total Publications

Alzheimer's disease classification from hippocampal atrophy based on PCANet-BLS
Liang, C, Lao, H, Wei, T and Zhang, XJ
2022; Journal Multimedia Tools and Applications;
Caspase-1 variant influencing CSF tau and FDG PET levels in non-demented elders from the ADNI cohort
Liu, Y, Tan, MS, Wang, ZT, Xu, W and Tan, L
PMCID:8848902 ; 2022; Journal BMC Neurol; vol. 22; no. 1; pp. 59;
Plasma neurofilament light levels correlate with white matter damage prior to Alzheimer's disease: results from ADNI
Nabizadeh, F, Balabandian, M, Rostami, MR, Kankam, SB, Ranjbaran, F and Pourhamzeh, M
2022; Journal Aging Clin Exp Res;
Efficient multiple change point detection for high-dimensional generalized linear models
Wang, XR, Liu, B, Zhang, XS, Liu, YF and Alzheimer_s Dis Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Canadian Journal of Statistics-Revue Canadienne De Statistique; no. 34;
Interactive Effects of Pulse Pressure and Tau Imaging on Longitudinal Cognition
Weigand, AJ, Macomber, AJ, Walker, KS, Edwards, L, Thomas, KR, Bangen, KJ, Nation, DA, Bondi, MW and Alzheimer_sDisease Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
Penalized decomposition using residuals (PeDecURe) for feature extraction in the presence of nuisance variables
Weinstein, SM, Davatzikos, C, Doshi, J, Linn, KA and Shinohara, RT
2022; Journal Biostatistics;
Uncovering a tripartite landmark in posterior cingulate cortex
Willbrand, EH, Parker, BJ, Voorhies, WI, Miller, JA, Lyu, I, Hallock, T, Aponik-Gremillion, L, Koslov, SR, Bunge, SA, Foster, BL and Weiner, KS
2022; Journal Sci Adv; no. 8; pp. 36;
Systems Genetic Identification of Mitochondrion-Associated Alzheimer_s Disease Genes and Implications for Disease Risk Prediction
Xu, X, Wang, H, Bennett, DA, Zhang, QY, Wang, G and Zhang, HY
PMID: 20 ; 2022; Journal Biomedicines; no. 10; pp. 8;
The Role of Amyloid, Tau, and APOE Genotype on the Relationship Between Informant-Reported Sleep Disturbance and Alzheimer's Disease Risks
Kim, H, Levine, A, Cohen, D, Gehrman, P, Zhu, X, Devanand, DP, Lee, S and Goldberg, TE