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4453 Total Publications

A peripheral neutrophil-related inflammatory factor predicts a decline in executive function in mild Alzheimer's disease
Bawa, KK, Krance, SH, Herrmann, N, Cogo-Moreira, H, Ouk, M, Yu, D, Wu, CY, Black, SE, Lanctôt, KL and Swardfager, W
PMCID:7071641 ; 2020; Journal J Neuroinflammation; vol. 17; no. 1; pp. 84;
Longitudinal ComBat: A method for harmonizing longitudinal multi-scanner imaging data
Beer, JC, Tustison, NJ, Cook, PA, Davatzikos, C, Sheline, YI, Shinohara, RT and Linn, KA
2020; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 220; pp. 117129;
Age-dependent effect of APOE and polygenic component on Alzheimer’s disease
Bellou, E, Baker, E, Leonenko, G, Bracher-Smith, M, Daunt, P, Menzies, G, Williams, J, Escott-Price, V and Initiative, AsDN
2020; Journal Neurobiology of Aging;
Functional linear regression model with randomly censored data: Predicting conversion time to Alzheimer's disease
Yang, SJ, Shin, H, Lee, SH, Lee, S and Alzheimer Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis; vol. 150;
A comprehensive analysis of methods for assessing polygenic burden on Alzheimer's disease pathology and risk beyond APOE
Altmann, A, Scelsi, MA, Shoai, M, de Silva, E, Aksman, LM, Cash, DM, Hardy, J and Schott, JM
PMCID:7100005 ; 2020; Journal Brain Commun; vol. 2; no. 1; pp. fcz047;
Altered complexity of resting-state BOLD activity in Alzheimer's disease-related neurodegeneration: a multiscale entropy analysis
Ren, P, Ma, MX, Xie, GH, Wu, ZW, Wu, DH and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2020; Journal Aging-Us; vol. 12; no. 13; pp. 13571-13582;
Degree of Genetic Liability for Alzheimer’s Disease Associated with Specific Proteomic Profiles in Cerebrospinal Fluid
Reus, LM, Stringer, S, Posthuma, D, Teunissen, CE, Scheltens, P, Pijnenburg, YA, Visser, PJ, Tijms, BM and Initiative, AsDN
2020; Journal Neurobiology of Aging;
Patients with chronic mild or moderate traumatic brain injury have abnormal brain enlargement
Ross, DE, Seabaugh, JD, Seabaugh, JM, Alvarez, C, Ellis, LP, Powell, C, Hall, C, Reese, C, Cooper, L and Ochs, AL
2020; Journal Brain Inj; vol. 34; no. 1; pp. 19-Nov;
Blood-based protein mediators of senility with replications across biofluids and cohorts
Royall, DR and Palmer, RF
PMCID:7425523 ; 2020; Journal Brain Commun; vol. 2; no. 1; pp. fcz036;