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4453 Total Publications

Integrative metabolomics-genomics approach reveals key metabolic pathways and regulators of Alzheimer's disease
Horgusluoglu, E, Neff, R, Song, WM, Wang, M, Wang, Q, Arnold, M, Krumsiek, J, Galindo-Prieto, B, Ming, C, Nho, K, Kastenmüller, G, Han, X, Baillie, R, Zeng, Q, Andrews, S, Cheng, H, Hao, K, Goate, A, Bennett, DA, Saykin, AJ, Kaddurah-Daouk, R and Zhang, B
2021; Journal Close tab;
Long runs of homozygosity are associated with Alzheimer's disease
Moreno-Grau, S, Fernández, MV, de Rojas, I, Garcia-González, P, Hernández, I, Farias, F, Budde, JP, Quintela, I, Madrid, L, González-Pérez, A, Montrreal, L, Alarcón-Martín, E, Alegret, M, Maroñas, O, Pineda, JA, Macías, J, Marquié, M, Valero, S, Benaque, A, Clarimón, J, Bullido, MJ, García-Ribas, G, Pástor, P, Sánchez-Juan, P, Álvarez, V, Piñol-Ripoll, G, García-Alberca, JM, Royo, JL, Franco-Macías, E, Mir, P, Calero, M, Medina, M, Rábano, A, Ávila, J, Antúnez, C, Real, LM, Orellana, A, Carracedo, Á, Sáez, ME, Tárraga, L, Boada, M, Cruchaga, C and Ruiz, A
2021; Journal Transl Psychiatry; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 142;
Resting-State Network Alterations Differ between Alzheimer's Disease Atrophy Subtypes
Rauchmann, BS, Ersoezlue, E, Stoecklein, S, Keeser, D, Brosseron, F, Buerger, K, Dechent, P, Dobisch, L, Ertl-Wagner, B, Fliessbach, K, Haynes, JD, Heneka, MT, Incesoy, EI, Janowitz, D, Kilimann, I, Laske, C, Metzger, CD, Munk, MH, Peters, O, Priller, J, Ramirez, A, Roeske, S, Roy, N, Scheffler, K, Schneider, A, Spottke, A, Spruth, EJ, Teipel, S, Tscheuschler, M, Vukovich, R, Wagner, M, Wiltfang, J, Yakupov, R, Duezel, E, Jessen, F, Perneczky, R, group, Ds and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal EPUB ahead of print;
Network propagation of rare variants in Alzheimer's disease reveals tissue-specific hub genes and communities
Scelsi, MA, Napolioni, V, Greicius, MD and Altmann, A
PMCID:7817020 ; 2021; Journal PLoS Comput Biol; vol. 17; no. 1; pp. 1008517;
Bootstrap confidence intervals for correlation between continuous repeated measures
Shan, G, Zhang, H and Barbour, J
2021; Journal Statistical Methods & Applications; pp. 21;
Imminent cognitive decline in normal elderly individuals is associated with hippocampal hyperconnectivity in the variant neural correlates of episodic memory
Shu, H, Chen, G, Ward, BD, Chen, G, Wang, Z, Liu, D, Su, F, Gu, L, Xu, Z, Li, SJ and Zhang, Z
PMID: 34334397 ; 2021; Journal EPUB ahead of print;
Smooth-threshold multivariate genetic prediction incorporating gene–environment interactions
Ueki, M, Tamiya, G and Initiative, AsDN
2021; Journal EPUB ahead of print;