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4453 Total Publications

KNN weighted reduced universum twin SVM for class imbalance learning
Ganaie, MA and Tanveer, M
2022; Journal 245; no. 108578;
Longitudinal Intraindividual Cognitive Variability Is Associated With Reduction in Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Among Alzheimer's Disease Biomarker-Positive Older Adults
Holmqvist, SL, Thomas, KR, Brenner, EK, Edmonds, EC, Calcetas, A, Edwards, L, Bordyug, M and Bangen, KJ
2022; no. 859873;
A Practical Multiclass Classification Network for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
Khan, R, Qaisar, ZH, Mehmood, A, Ali, G, Alkhalifah, T, Alturise, F and Wang, LN
2022; vol. 13; no. 14;
CDiP technology for reverse engineering of sporadic Alzheimer's disease
Kondo, T, Yada, Y, Ikeuchi, T and Inoue, H
Characterizing Network Selectiveness to the Dynamic Spreading of Neuropathological Events in Alzheimer's Disease
Li, W, Yang, D, Yan, C, Chen, M, Li, Q, Zhu, W and Wu, G
2022; Journal 86; vol. 4;
Multimodality Alzheimer's Disease Analysis in Deep Riemannian Manifold
Ma, J, Zhang, J and Wang, Z
2022; vol. 4; no. 102965;
Network interdigitations of Tau and amyloid-beta deposits define cognitive levels in aging
Kim, CM, Montal, V, Diez, I, Orwig, W and Sepulcre, J
2021; Journal Hum Brain Mapp;