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4453 Total Publications

Phosphorylated tau-Aβ42 ratio as a continuous trait for biomarker discovery for early-stage Alzheimer's disease in multiplex immunoassay panels of cerebrospinal fluid
Harari, O, Cruchaga, C, Kauwe, JS, Ainscough, BJ, Bales, K, Pickering, EH, Bertelsen, S, Fagan, AM, Holtzman, DM, Morris, JC and Goate, AM
2014; Journal Biol Psychiatry; vol. 75; no. 9; pp. 723-31;
Brain extraction based on locally linear representation-based classification
Huang, MY, Yang, W, Jiang, J, Wu, Y, Zhang, Y, Chen, WF, Feng, QJ and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2014; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 92; pp. 322-339;
Low plasma ApoE levels are associated with smaller hippocampal size in the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) cohort
Teng, E., Chow, N., Hwang S., K., Thompson M., P., Gylys H., K., Cole M., G., … L.G., A.
PMID: 25547651 ; PMCID:4323932 ; 2014; Journal Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord; vol. 39; no. 4; pp. 154-66;
Transcriptome-guided amyloid imaging genetic analysis via a novel structured sparse learning algorithm
Yan, J, Du, L, Kim, S, Risacher, SL, Huang, H, Moore, JH, Saykin, AJ and Shen, L
2014; Journal Bioinformatics; vol. 30; no. 17; pp. i564-71;
integrative analysis of multi-dimensional imaging genomics data for alzheimers disease prediction
Zhang, Z., Huang, H., & Shen, D.
PMID: 25368574 ; PMCID:4201101 ; 2014; Journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience; vol. 6; pp. 260;
Alterations in brain leptin signalling in spite of unchanged CSF leptin levels in Alzheimer's disease
Maioli, S., Lodeiro, M., Merino-Serrais, P., Falahati, F., Khan, W., Puerta, E., … Cedazo-Minguez, A.
PMID: 25453257 ; 2014; Journal Aging Cell; vol. 3; pp. 8;
Effects of Multiple Genetic Loci on Age at Onset in Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease A Genome-Wide Association Study
Naj, AC, Jun, G, Reitz, C, Kunkle, BW, Perry, W, Park, YS, Beecham, GW, Rajbhandary, RA, Hamilton-Nelson, KL, Wang, LS, Kauwe, JSK, Huentelman, MJ, Myers, AJ, Bird, TD, Boeve, BF, Baldwin, CT, Jarvik, GP, Crane, PK, Rogaeva, E, Barmada, MM, Demirci, FY, Cruchaga, C, Kramer, PL, Ertekin-Taner, N, Hardy, J, Graff-Radford, NR, Green, RC, Larson, EB, St George-Hyslop, PH, Buxbaum, JD, Evans, DA, Schneider, JA, Lunetta, KL, Kamboh, MI, Saykin, AJ, Reiman, EM, De Jager, PL, Bennett, DA, Morris, JC, Montine, TJ, Goate, AM, Blacker, D, Tsuang, DW, Hakonarson, H, Kukull, WA, Foroud, TM, Martin, ER, Haines, JL, Mayeux, RP, Farrer, LA, Schellenberg, GD, Pericak-Vance, MA and Alzheimer Dis Genetics, C
2014; Journal Jama Neurology; vol. 71; no. 11; pp. 1394-1404;
Imaging proteomics for diagnosis, monitoring and prediction of Alzheimer's disease
Nazeri A, Ganjgahi H, Roostaei T, Nichols T, Zarei M; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
PMID: 25173418 ; 2014; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 102; pp. 657-65;
Combined effects of Alzheimer risk variants in the CLU and ApoE genes on ventricular expansion patterns in the elderly
Roussotte, FF, Gutman, BA, Madsen, SK, Colby, JB and Thompson, PM
2014; Journal J Neurosci; vol. 34; no. 19; pp. 6537-45;