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4453 Total Publications

Genome-Wide Association and Mechanistic Studies Indicate That Immune Response Contributes to Alzheimer's Disease Development
Liu, C., Chyr, J., Zhao, W., Xu, Y., Ji, Z., Tan, H., Soto, C. and Zhou, X.
PMID: 30319691 ; PMCID:6166008 ; 2018; Journal Front Genet; vol. 9; pp. 410;
Disease status affects the association between rs4813620 and the expression of Alzheimer’s disease susceptibility gene TRIB3
Liu, Guiyou, Jin, Shuilin, Hu, Yang and Jiang, Qinghua
PMID: 30355771 ; 2018; Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; vol. 115; no. 45; pp. E10519-E10520;
Associations of the Top 20 Alzheimer Disease Risk Variants With Brain Amyloidosis
L. G. Apostolova, S. L. Risacher, T. Duran, E. C. Stage, N. Goukasian, J. D. West, T. M. Do, J. Grotts, H. Wilhalme, K. Nho, M. Phillips, D. Elashoff and A. J. Saykin
PMCID:5885860 ; 2018; Journal JAMA Neurol; vol. 75; no. 3; pp. 328-341; doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2017.4198
Atlas selection for hippocampus segmentation: Relevance evaluation of three meta-information parameters
V. Dill, P. C. Klein, A. R. Franco and M. S. Pinho
2018; Journal Comput Biol Med; vol. 95; pp. 90-98; doi:10.1016/j.compbiomed.2018.02.005
Investigating the Correspondence of Clinical Diagnostic Grouping With Underlying Neurobiological and Phenotypic Clusters Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
Zhao, X., Rangaprakash, D., Yuan, B., Denney, T. S., Jr., Katz, J. S., Dretsch, M. N. and Deshpande, G.
PMID: 30393630 ; 2018; Journal Front Appl Math Stat; vol. 4;
Convolutional Neural Networks-based MRI Image Analysis for the Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction from Mild Cognitive Impairment
Lin, Weiming, Tong, Tong, Gao, Qinquan, Guo, Di, Du, Xiaofeng, Yang, Yonggui, Guo, Gang, Xiao, Min, Du, Min and Qu, Xiaobo
PMID: 30455622 ; 2018; Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience; vol. 12; pp. 777;
Potential Factors Associated with Cognitive Improvement of Individuals Diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia in Longitudinal Studies
Hadjichrysanthou, C., McRae-McKee, K., Evans, S., de Wolf, F. and Anderson, R. M.
PMID: 30320573 ; PMCID:6218131 ; 2018; Journal J Alzheimers Dis; vol. 66; no. 2; pp. 587-600;
The Combination of Functional and Structural MRI Is a Potential Screening Tool in Alzheimer's Disease
Huang, C. C., Huang, W. M., Chen, C. H., Jhou, Z. Y., The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, Initiative and Lin, C. P.
PMID: 30297997 ; PMCID:6160579 ; 2018; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 10; pp. 251;
Genome-wide association study identifies RBFOX1 locus influencing brain glucose metabolism
Kong, Ling-Li, Miao, Dan, Tan, Lin, Liu, Shu-Lei, Li, Jie-Qiong, Cao, Xi-Peng, Tan, Lan and Initiative, Neuroimaging
2018; Journal Annals of Translational Medicine; vol. 6; no. 22;