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3740 Total Publications

Associations between Vascular Function and Tau PET Are Associated with Global Cognition and Amyloid
Albrecht, D, Isenberg, AL, Stradford, J, Monreal, T, Sagare, A, Pachicano, M, Sweeney, M, Toga, A, Zlokovic, B, Chui, H, Joe, E, Schneider, L, Conti, P, Jann, K and Pa, J
2020; Journal Journal of Neuroscience; vol. 40; no. 44; pp. 8573-8586;
Zero Echo Time MRAC on FDG-PET/MR Maintains Diagnostic Accuracy for Alzheimer's Disease; A Simulation Study Combining ADNI-Data
Ando, T, Kemp, B, Warnock, G, Sekine, T, Kaushik, S, Wiesinger, F and Delso, G
PMCID:7725704 ; 2020; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 14; pp. 569706;
Reduction of recruitment costs in preclinical AD trials: validation of automatic pre-screening algorithm for brain amyloidosis
Ansart, M, Epelbaum, S, Gagliardi, G, Colliot, O, Dormont, D, Dubois, B, Hampel, H and Durrleman, S
2020; Journal Stat Methods Med Res; vol. 29; no. 1; pp. 151-164;
Detecting earlier stages of amyloid deposition using PET in cognitively normal elderly adults
Guo, T, Landau, SM and Jagust, WJ
2020; Journal Neurology; vol. 94; no. 14; pp. e1512-e1524;
Ambivert degree identifies crucial brain functional hubs and improves detection of Alzheimer's Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Gupta, S, Rajapakse, JC, Welsch, RE and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Neuroimage-Clinical; vol. 25;
Semiparametric Bayesian multiple imputation for regression models with missing mixed continuous-discrete covariates
Kato, R and Hoshino, T
2020; Journal Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics; vol. 72; no. 3; pp. 803-825;
Bayesian longitudinal spectral estimation with application to resting-state fMRI data analysis
Dai, N, Jones, GL and Fiecas, M
2020; Journal Econometrics and Statistics; vol. 15; pp. 104-116;
Multimodal (18)F-AV-1451 and MRI Findings in Nonfluent Variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia: Possible Insights on Nodal Propagation of Tau Protein Across the Syntactic Network
Pascual, B, Funk, Q, Zanotti-Fregonara, P, Pal, N, Rockers, E, Yu, M, Spann, B, Román, GC, Schulz, PE, Karmonik, C, Appel, SH and Masdeu, JC
2020; vol. 8; no. 8; pp. 61-70;
Scalable Bayesian Regression in High Dimensions With Multiple Data Sources
Perrakis, K, Mukherjee, S and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics; vol. 29; no. 1; pp. 28-39;