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4453 Total Publications

?-Amyloid discordance of cerebrospinal fluid and positron emission tomography imaging shows distinct spatial tau patterns
Jiang, C, Wang, Q, Xie, S, Chen, Z, Fu, L, Peng, Q, Liang, Y, Guo, H and Guo, T
PMCID:9014538 ; 2022; Journal Brain Commun; no. 4; pp. 2;
Polygenic score for Alzheimer_s disease identifies differential atrophy in hippocampal subfield volumes
Kannappan, B, Gunasekaran, TI, Te Nijenhuis, J, Gopal, M, Velusami, D, Kothandan, G and Lee, KH
2022; Journal PLoS One; no. 17; pp. 7;
Longitudinal study of early mild cognitive impairment via similarity-constrained group learning and self-attention based SBi-LSTM
Lei, B, Zhang, Y, Liu, D, Xu, Y, Yue, G, Cao, J, Hu, H, Yu, S, Yang, P and Wang, T
2022; Journal Knowledge-Based Systems; no. 109466;
Residual reserve index modifies the effect of amyloid pathology on fluorodeoxyglucose metabolism: Implications for efficiency and capacity in cognitive reserve
McKenzie, C, Bucks, RS, Weinborn, M, Bourgeat, P, Salvado, O and Gavett, BE
PMID: 943823 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
Escalation of Tau Accumulation after a Traumatic Brain Injury: Findings from Positron Emission Tomography
Mohamed, AZ, Cumming, P, Nasrallah, FA and Initiative, AsDN
PMID: 876 ; 2022; Journal Brain Sciences; no. 12; pp. 7;
Self-supervised learning of neighborhood embedding for longitudinal MRI
Ouyang, J, Zhao, Q, Adeli, E, Zaharchuk, G and Pohl, KM
PMID: 102571 ; 2022; Journal Med Image Anal; no. 82;
Estimating high-order brain functional networks by correlation-preserving embedding
Su, H, Zhang, LM, Qiao, LS and Liu, MX
2022; Journal Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing; no. 60; pp. 10;