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3740 Total Publications

Artificial Intelligence on FDG PET Images Identifies Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients with Neurodegenerative Disease
Prats-Climent, J, Gandia-Ferrero, MT, Torres-Espallardo, I, Álvarez-Sanchez, L, Martínez-Sanchis, B, Cháfer-Pericás, C, Gómez-Rico, I, Cerdá-Alberich, L, Aparici-Robles, F, Baquero-Toledo, M, Rodríguez-Álvarez, MJ and Martí-Bonmatí, L
PMID: 52 ; 2022; Journal J Med Syst; no. 46; pp. 8;
3D convolutional neural networks with hybrid attention mechanism for early diagnosis of Alzheimer_s disease
Qin, ZW, Liu, Z, Guo, QH and Zhu, P
PMID: 16 ; 2022; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; no. 77;
Predicting diagnosis 4 years prior to Alzheimer_s disease incident
Qiu, A, Xu, L and Liu, C
PMID: 102993 ; PMCID:8958535 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage Clin; no. 34;
Network-wise concordance of multimodal neuroimaging features across the Alzheimer_s disease continuum
Stocks, J, Popuri, K, Heywood, A, Tosun, D, Alpert, K, Beg, MF, Rosen, H and Wang, L
PMCID:9043119 ; 2022; Journal Alzheimers Dement (Amst); no. 14; pp. 1;
Multi-method investigation of factors influencing amyloid onset and impairment in three cohorts
Betthauser, TJ, Bilgel, M, Koscik, RL, Jedynak, BM, An, Y, Kellett, KA, Moghekar, A, Jonaitis, EM, Stone, CK, Engelman, CD, Asthana, S, Christian, BT, Wong, DF, Albert, M, Resnick, SM, Johnson, SC and Alzheimer_s Disease Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Brain;
Neural network training with highly incomplete medical datasets
Chang, YW, Natali, L, Jamialahmadi, O, Romeo, S, Pereira, JB, Volpe, G and Alzheimer_s Dis Neuroimaging, I
PMID: 12 ; 2022; Journal Machine Learning-Science and Technology; no. 3; pp. 3;
Establishing a Baseline for Human Cortical Folding Morphological Variables: A Multisite Study
de Moraes, FHP, Mello, VBB, Tovar-Moll, F and Mota, B
PMID: 13 ; 2022; Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience; no. 16;
Identification of Leukocyte Surface P2X7 as a Biomarker Associated with Alzheimer_s Disease
Li, Y, Huang, X, Fowler, C, Lim, YY, Laws, SM, Faux, N, Doecke, JD, Trounson, B, Pertile, K, Rumble, R, Doré, V, Villemagne, VL, Rowe, CC, Wiley, JS, Maruff, P, Masters, CL and Gu, BJ
2022; Journal Int J Mol Sci; no. 23; pp. 14;
Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Dynamic Functional MRI Analysis and Brain Disease Identification
Lin, K, Jie, B, Dong, P, Ding, X, Bian, W and Liu, M
PMID: 933660 ; 2022; Journal Front Neurosci; no. 16;
Deep learning of MRI contrast enhancement for mapping cerebral blood volume from single-modal non-contrast scans of aging and Alzheimer_s disease brains
Liu, C, Zhu, N, Sun, H, Zhang, J, Feng, X, Gjerswold-Selleck, S, Sikka, D, Zhu, X, Liu, X, Nuriel, T, Wei, HJ, Wu, CC, Vaughan, JT, Laine, AF, Provenzano, FA, Small, SA and Guo, J
PMID: 923673 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;