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4453 Total Publications

Robust estimation in the nested case-control design under a misspecified covariate functional form
Nuno, MM and Gillen, DL
2020; Journal Statistics in Medicine; vol. 40; no. 2; pp. 299-311;
Long-Term Blood Pressure Variability Across the Clinical and Biomarker Spectrum of Alzheimer's Disease
Sible, IJ, Nation, DA and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2020; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 77; no. 4; pp. 1655-1669;
A fair comparison of tree-based and parametric methods in multiple imputation by chained equations
Slade, E and Naylor, MG
2020; Journal Statistics in Medicine; vol. 39; no. 8; pp. 1156-1166;
Evaluation of a visual interpretation method for tau-PET with (18)F-flortaucipir
Sonni, I, Lesman Segev, OH, Baker, SL, Iaccarino, L, Korman, D, Rabinovici, GD, Jagust, WJ, Landau, SM and La Joie, R
2020; Journal Alzheimers Dement (Amst); vol. 12; no. 1; pp. e12133;
Brain scans from 21,297 individuals reveal the genetic architecture of hippocampal subfield volumes
van der Meer, D, Rokicki, J, Kaufmann, T, Córdova-Palomera, A, Moberget, T, Alnæs, D, Bettella, F, Frei, O, Doan, NT, Sønderby, IE, Smeland, OB, Agartz, I, Bertolino, A, Bralten, J, Brandt, CL, Buitelaar, JK, Djurovic, S, van Donkelaar, M, Dørum, ES, Espeseth, T, Faraone, SV, Fernández, G, Fisher, SE, Franke, B, Haatveit, B, Hartman, CA, Hoekstra, PJ, Håberg, AK, Jönsson, EG, Kolskår, KK, Le Hellard, S, Lund, MJ, Lundervold, AJ, Lundervold, A, Melle, I, Monereo Sánchez, J, Norbom, LC, Nordvik, JE, Nyberg, L, Oosterlaan, J, Papalino, M, Papassotiropoulos, A, Pergola, G, de Quervain, DJF, Richard, G, Sanders, AM, Selvaggi, P, Shumskaya, E, Steen, VM, Tønnesen, S, Ulrichsen, KM, Zwiers, MP, Andreassen, OA and Westlye, LT
2020; Journal Mol Psychiatry; vol. 25; no. 11; pp. 3053-3065;
Longitudinal trajectories of Alzheimer's ATN biomarkers in elderly persons without dementia
Tan, MS, Ji, X, Li, JQ, Xu, W, Wang, HF, Tan, CC, Dong, Q, Zuo, CT, Tan, L, Suckling, J and Yu, JT
PMCID:7216714 ; 2020; Journal Alzheimers Res Ther; vol. 12; no. 1; pp. 55;
Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease from 18F-FDG and 11C-PiB PET Imaging Biomarkers Using Support Vector Machine
Yang, B-H, Chen, J-C, Chou, W-H, Huang, W-S, Fuh, J-L, Liu, RS and Wu, C-H
2020; Journal Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering; vol. 40; no. 4; pp. 545-554;
Imputed factor regression for high-dimensional block-wise missing data
Zhang, Y, Tang, N and Qu, A
2020; Journal Statistica Sinica; vol. 30; pp. 631-651;
Cognitively supernormal older adults maintain a unique structural connectome that is resistant to Alzheimer's pathology
Chen, QJ, Baran, TM, Rooks, B, O'Banion, MK, Mapstone, M, Zhang, ZW, Lin, F and Alzheimers Dis, N
2020; Journal Neuroimage-Clinical; vol. 28;