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4453 Total Publications

Cerebellar atrophy and its implications on gait in cerebral amyloid angiopathy
Horn, MJ, Gokcal, E, Becker, AJ, Das, AS, Warren, AD, Schwab, K, Goldstein, JN, Biffi, A, Rosand, J, Polimeni, JR, Viswanathan, A, Greenberg, SM and Gurol, ME
2022; Journal J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry;
Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Imaging and Survival Data
Kang, K and Song, X
2022; Journal Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics;
Polygenic score for Alzheimer_s disease identifies differential atrophy in hippocampal subfield volumes
Kannappan, B, Gunasekaran, TI, Te Nijenhuis, J, Gopal, M, Velusami, D, Kothandan, G and Lee, KH
2022; Journal PLoS One; no. 17; pp. 7;
Longitudinal study of early mild cognitive impairment via similarity-constrained group learning and self-attention based SBi-LSTM
Lei, B, Zhang, Y, Liu, D, Xu, Y, Yue, G, Cao, J, Hu, H, Yu, S, Yang, P and Wang, T
2022; Journal Knowledge-Based Systems; no. 109466;
ReconResNet: Regularised residual learning for MR image reconstruction of Undersampled Cartesian and Radial data
Chatterjee, S, Breitkopf, M, Sarasaen, C, Yassin, H, Rose, G, Nürnberger, A and Speck, O
PMID: 105321 ; 2022; Journal Computers in Biology and Medicine; no. 143;
Quantifying the reproducibility of graph neural networks using multigraph data representation
Nebli, A, Gharsallaoui, MA, Gürler, Z and Rekik, I
2022; Journal Neural Networks; no. 148;
Grey matter network markers identify individuals with prodromal Alzheimer_s disease who will show rapid clinical decline
Pelkmans, W, Vromen, EM, Dicks, E, Scheltens, P, Teunissen, CE, Barkhof, F, van der Flier, WM and Tijms, BM
PMCID:8924646 ; 2022; Journal Brain Commun; no. 4; pp. 2;