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3393 Total Publications

Early diagnosis model of Alzheimer’s disease based on sparse logistic regression with the generalized elastic net
Xiao, R, Cui, X, Qiao, H, Zheng, X, Zhang, Y, Zhang, C and Liu, X
2021; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; vol. 66; pp. 102362;
Tau-Atrophy Variability Reveals Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Alzheimer's Disease
Das, SR, Lyu, XY, Duong, MT, Xie, L, McCollum, L, Flores, R, DiCalogero, M, Irwin, DJ, Dickerson, BC, Nasrallah, IM, Yushkevich, PA, Wolk, DA and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Annals of Neurology; vol. 90; no. 5; pp. 751-762;
Learning joint segmentation of tissues and brain lesions from task-specific hetero-modal domain-shifted datasets
Dorent, R, Booth, T, Li, WQ, Sudre, CH, Kafiabadi, S, Cardoso, J, Ourselin, S and Vercauteren, T
2021; Journal Medical Image Analysis; vol. 67;
Retrospective motion artifact correction of structural MRI images using deep learning improves the quality of cortical surface reconstructions
Duffy, BA, Zhao, L, Sepehrband, F, Min, J, Wang, DJ, Shi, Y, Toga, AW and Kim, H
2021; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 230; pp. 117756;
Structural Network Efficiency Predicts Resilience to Cognitive Decline in Elderly at Risk for Alzheimer's Disease
Fischer, FU, Wolf, D, Tüscher, O and Fellgiebel, A
2021; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 13; pp. 637002;
Metabolic and amyloid PET network reorganization in Alzheimer's disease: differential patterns and partial volume effects
Gonzalez-Escamilla, G, Miederer, I, Grothe, MJ, Schreckenberger, M, Muthuraman, M and Groppa, S
2021; Journal Brain Imaging Behav; vol. 15; no. 1; pp. 190-204;
Optimal Minimax Variable Selection for Large-Scale Matrix Linear Regression Model
Hao, M, Qu, L, Kong, D, Sun, L and Zhu, H
2021; Journal Journal of Machine Learning Research; vol. 22; no. 147; pp. Jan-39;
Group penalized quantile regression
Ouhourane, M, Yang, Y, Benedet, AL and Oualkacha, K
2021; Journal Statistical Methods and Applications; vol. 35;
Using imputation to provide harmonized longitudinal measures of cognition across AIBL and ADNI
Shishegar, R, Cox, T, Rolls, D, Bourgeat, P, Doré, V, Lamb, F, Robertson, J, Laws, SM, Porter, T, Fripp, J, Tosun, D, Maruff, P, Savage, G, Rowe, CC, Masters, CL, Weiner, MW, Villemagne, VL and Burnham, SC
PMCID:8664816 ; 2021; Journal Sci Rep; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 23788;
DEMNET: A Deep Learning Model for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer Diseases and Dementia From MR Images
Murugan, S, Venkatesan, C, Sumithra, M, Gao, X-Z, Elakkiya, B, Akila, M and Manoharan, S
2021; Journal IEEE Access; vol. 9; pp. 90319-90329;