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2110 Total Publications

Study partner-reported decline identifies cognitive decline and dementia risk
Nosheny, RL, Jin, C, Neuhaus, J, Insel, PS, Mackin, RS and Weiner, MW
2019; Journal Ann Clin Transl Neurol;
Multiclass Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Neuroimaging Machine-Learning-Based Approach
Singh, G, Vadera, M, Samavedham, L and Lim, ECH
2019; Journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research; vol. 58; no. 26; pp. 11498-11505;
Bile acids targeted metabolomics and medication classification data in the ADNI1 and ADNIGO/2 cohorts
St John-Williams, L, Mahmoudiandehkordi, S, Arnold, M, Massaro, T, Blach, C, Kastenmuller, G, Louie, G, Kueider-Paisley, A, Han, X, Baillie, R, Motsinger-Reif, AA, Rotroff, D, Nho, K, Saykin, AJ, Risacher, SL, Koal, T, Moseley, MA, Tenenbaum, JD, Thompson, JW and Kaddurah-Daouk, R
2019; Journal Sci Data; vol. 6; no. 1; pp. 212;
Anatomical Attention Guided Deep Networks for ROI Segmentation of Brain MR Images
Sun, L, Shao, W, Zhang, D and Liu, M
2019; Journal IEEE Trans Med Imaging;
Multi-modal latent factor exploration of atrophy, cognitive and tau heterogeneity in Alzheimer's disease
Sun, NM, E. C.: Chen, J.: Sabuncu, M. R.: Yeo, B. T. T.
2019; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 201; pp. 116043;
Multi-task exclusive relationship learning for alzheimer's disease progression prediction with longitudinal data
Wang, ML, Zhang, DQ, Shen, DG and Liu, MX
2019; Journal Medical Image Analysis; vol. 53; pp. 111-122;
Impact of Resilience on the Association Between Amyloid-beta and Longitudinal Cognitive Decline in Cognitively Healthy Older Adults
Wolf, DF, F. U.: Fellgiebel, A.
2019; Journal J Alzheimers Dis; vol. 70; no. 2; pp. 361-370;
Characterizing Alzheimer's Disease With Image and Genetic Biomarkers Using Supervised Topic Models
Yang, J, Feng, X, Laine, AF and Angelini, ED
2019; Journal IEEE J Biomed Health Inform; vol. 24; no. 4; pp. 1180-1187;
Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Superior Thalamic Radiation and Cerebrospinal Fluid Distribution in Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Younes, K, Hasan, KM, Kamali, A, McGough, CE, Keser, Z, Hasan, O, Melicher, T, Kramer, LA, Schulz, PE and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Journal of Neuroimaging; vol. 29; no. 2; pp. 242-251;
Linear Registration of Brain MRI Using Knowledge-Based Multiple Intermediator Libraries
Zhang, XY, Feng, YQ, Chen, WF, Li, X, Faria, AV, Feng, QJ, Mori, S and Adni
2019; Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience; vol. 13; pp. 10;