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4453 Total Publications

Evaluation of Neuro Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Using Deep Learning Neural Network
Ahila, A, Poongodi, M, Hamdi, M, Bourouis, S, Rastislav, K and Mohmed, F
Validation of an automatic tool for the rapid measurement of brain atrophy and white matter hyperintensity: QyScore (R)
Cavedo, E, Tran, P, Thoprakarn, U, Martini, JB, Movschin, A, Delmaire, C, Gariel, F, Heidelberg, D, Pyatigorskaya, N, Stroer, S, Krolak-Salmon, P, Cotton, F, dos Santos, CL and Dormont, D
A new classification network for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease in class-imbalance MRI datasets
Chen, Z, Wang, Z, Zhao, M, Zhao, Q, Liang, X, Li, J and Song, X
2022; no. 807085;
Reducing variations in multi-center Alzheimer's disease classification with convolutional adversarial autoencoder
Cobbinah, BM, Sorg, C, Yang, Q, Ternblom, A, Zheng, C, Han, W, Che, L and Shao, J
2022; no. 102585;
Sex differences in the genetic architecture of cognitive resilience to Alzheimer's disease
Eissman, JM, Dumitrescu, L, Mahoney, ER, Smith, AN, Mukherjee, S, Lee, ML, Scollard, P, Choi, SE, Bush, WS, Engelman, CD, Lu, Q, Fardo, DW, Trittschuh, EH, Mez, J, Kaczorowski, CC, Hernandez Saucedo, H, Widaman, KF, Buckley, RF, Properzi, MJ, Mormino, EC, Yang, HS, Harrison, TM, Hedden, T, Nho, K, Andrews, SJ, Tommet, D, Hadad, N, Sanders, RE, Ruderfer, DM, Gifford, KA, Zhong, X, Raghavan, NS, Vardarajan, BN, Pericak-Vance, MA, Farrer, LA, Wang, LS, Cruchaga, C, Schellenberg, GD, Cox, NJ, Haines, JL, Keene, CD, Saykin, AJ, Larson, EB, Sperling, RA, Mayeux, R, Cuccaro, ML, Bennett, DA, Schneider, JA, Crane, PK, Jefferson, AL and Hohman, TJ