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4453 Total Publications

A missense variant in SHARPIN mediates Alzheimer's disease-specific brain damages
Park, JY, Lee, D, Lee, JJ, Gim, J, Gunasekaran, TI, Choi, KY, Kang, SR, Do, AR, Jo, J, Park, J, Park, K, Li, DH, Lee, S, Kim, H, Dhanasingh, I, Ghosh, S, Keum, S, Choi, JH, Song, GJ, Sael, L, Rhee, S, Lovestone, S, Kim, E, Moon, SH, Kim, BC, Kim, S, Saykin, AJ, Nho, K, Lee, SH, Farrer, LA, Jun, GR, Won, S, Lee, KH and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Translational Psychiatry; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 9;
Validation of the Alzheimer Disease Dementia Conversion-Related Pattern as an ATN Biomarker of Neurodegeneration
Blazhenets, G, Frings, L, Ma, Y, Sörensen, A, Eidelberg, D, Wiltfang, J and Meyer, PT
2021; Journal Neurology; vol. 96; no. 9; pp. e1358-e1368;
Aquaporin-4 polymorphisms predict amyloid burden and clinical outcome in the Alzheimer's disease spectrum
Chandra, A, Farrell, C, Wilson, H, Dervenoulas, G, De Natale, ER, Politis, M and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2021; Journal Neurobiology of Aging; vol. 97; pp. 09-Jan;
The potential role of leukoaraiosis in remodeling the brain network to buffer cognitive decline: a Leukoaraiosis And Disability study from Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Chen, W, Lin, H, Lyu, M, Wang, VJ, Li, X, Bao, S, Sun, G, Xia, J, Wang, P and Initiative, AsDN
2021; Journal Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 183;
A Bayesian group lasso classification for ADNI volumetrics data
Majumder, A, Maiti, T and Datta, S
2021; Journal Epub ahead of print;
AMYQ: An index to standardize quantitative amyloid load across PET tracers
Pegueroles, J, Montal, V, Bejanin, A, Vilaplana, E, Aranha, M, Santos-Santos, MA, Alcolea, D, Carrio, I, Camacho, V, Blesa, R, Lleo, A, Fortea, J, Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging, I, Australian Imaging, B and Lifestyle Research, G
2021; Journal EPUB ahead of print;
Toward a Multimodal Computer-Aided Diagnostic Tool for Alzheimer's Disease Conversion
Pena, D, Suescun, J, Schiess, M, Ellmore, TM and Giancardo, L
PMID: 8761739 ; 2021; Journal 15; no. 744190;