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4453 Total Publications

Early Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis with the contrastive loss using paired structural MRIs
Qiao, H, Chen, L, Ye, Z and Zhu, F
PMID: 34343744 ; 2021; Journal Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine; vol. 208; pp. 106282;
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with Ensemble Learning Classifier and 3D Convolutional Neural Network
Zhang, P, Lin, S, Qiao, J and Tu, Y
PMCID:8623279 ; 2021; Journal Sensors (Basel); vol. 21; no. 22;
Automated age- and sex-specific volumetric estimation of regional brain atrophy: workflow and feasibility
Caspers, J, Heeger, A, Turowski, B and Rubbert, C
PMCID:7813701 ; 2021; Journal Eur Radiol; vol. 31; no. 2; pp. 1043-1048;
Artificial Intelligence-based MRI Images for Brain in Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease
Bi, X, Liu, W, Liu, H and Shang, Q
PMID: 8548180 ; 2021; Journal 2021; no. 8198552;
Mitigating site effects in covariance for machine learning in neuroimaging data
Chen, AA, Beer, JC, Tustison, NJ, Cook, PA, Shinohara, RT and Shou, H
Longitudinal plasma phosphorylated tau 181 tracks disease progression in Alzheimer's disease
Chen, SD, Huang, YY, Shen, XN, Guo, Y, Tan, L, Dong, Q and Yu, JT
PMID: 8197760 ; 2021; Journal 11; vol. 1; no. 356;
Genetic Algorithms for Optimized Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia Using Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography Imaging
Díaz-Álvarez, J, Matias-Guiu, JA, Cabrera-Martín, MN, Pytel, V, Segovia-Ríos, I, García-Gutiérrez, F, Hernández-Lorenzo, L, Matias-Guiu, J, Carreras, JL and Ayala, JL
PMID: 8851241 ; 2021; Journal 13; no. 708932;
Intrinsic Brain Activity of Inferior Temporal Region Increased in Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease With Hearing Loss
Hong, L, Zeng, Q, Li, K, Luo, X, Xu, X, Liu, X, Li, Z, Fu, Y, Wang, Y, Zhang, T, Chen, Y, Liu, Z, Huang, P and Zhang, M
PMID: 8831745 ; 2021; Journal 13; no. 772136;