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4453 Total Publications

Improving Sensitivity of Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion MRI in Alzheimer's Disease Using Transfer Learning of Deep Learning-Based ASL Denoising
Zhang, L, Xie, DF, Li, YR, Camargo, A, Song, DH, Lu, T, Jeudy, J, Dreizin, D, Melhem, ER, Wang, Z and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging; vol. 13;
Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease on ADNI data using novel longitudinal score based on functional principal component analysis
Shi, HL, Ma, D, Nie, YL, Beg, MF, Pei, J, Cao, JG and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Journal of Medical Imaging; vol. 8; no. 2;
Gaussian Graphical Model Exploration and Selection in High Dimension Low Sample Size Setting
Lartigue, T, Bottani, S, Baron, S, Colliot, O, Durrleman, S, Allassonniere, S and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Ieee Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence; vol. 43; no. 9; pp. 3196-3213;
The heterogeneity among subgroups of haplogroup J influencing Alzheimer’s disease risk
Liu, H, Zhang, Y, Zhao, H, Du, Y, Liu, X and Initiative, AsDN
2021; Journal Journal of Advanced Research;
Sex modifies APOE epsilon 4 dose effect on brain tau deposition in cognitively impaired individuals
Yan, SZ, Zheng, CJ, Paranjpe, MD, Li, YX, Li, WH, Wang, XY, Benzinger, TLS, Lu, J and Zhou, Y
2021; Journal Brain; vol. 144; pp. 3201-3211;
Machine learning identifies novel markers predicting functional decline in older adults
Valerio, KE, Prieto, S, Hasselbach, AN, Moody, JN, Hayes, SM and Hayes, JP
PMCID:8286801 ; 2021; Journal Brain Commun; vol. 3; no. 3; pp. fcab140;
Distinct fiber-specific white matter reductions pattern in early- and late-onset Alzheimer's disease
Luo, X, Wang, S, Jiaerken, Y, Li, K, Zeng, Q, Zhang, R, Wang, C, Xu, X, Wu, D, Huang, P and Zhang, M
PMCID:8148465 ; 2021; Journal Aging (Albany NY); vol. 13; no. 9; pp. 12410-12430;
Early detection of alzheimer's disease based on clinical trials, three-dimensional imaging data, and personal information using autoencoders
Akramifard, H, Balafar, MA and Razavi, SN
2021; Journal Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors; vol. 11; no. 2; pp. 120-130;
Longitudinal plasma phosphorylated tau 181 tracks disease progression in Alzheimer's disease
Chen, SD, Huang, YY, Shen, XN, Guo, Y, Tan, L, Dong, Q and Yu, JT
PMCID:8197760 ; 2021; Journal Transl Psychiatry; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 356;
An anatomical knowledge-based MRI deep learning pipeline for white matter hyperintensity quantification associated with cognitive impairment
Liang, L, Zhou, P, Lu, W, Guo, X, Ye, C, Lv, H, Wang, T and Ma, T
2021; Journal Comput Med Imaging Graph; vol. 89; pp. 101873;