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4453 Total Publications

Disentangling normal aging from Alzheimer's disease in structural magnetic resonance images
Lorenzi M1, Pennec X2, Frisoni GB3, Ayache N2; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
PMID: 25311276 ; 2014; Journal Neurobiology of Aging; vol. 36; pp. S42-52;
Within-patient correspondence of amyloid-β and intrinsic network connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease
Myers N1, Pasquini L2, Göttler J2, Grimmer T3, Koch K2, Ortner M3, Neitzel J2, Mühlau M4, Förster S5, Kurz A3, Förstl H3, Zimmer C6, Wohlschläger AM2, Riedl V7, Drzezga A8, Sorg C9
PMID: 24771519 ; PMCID:4065018 ; 2014; Journal Brain; vol. 137; no. 7; pp. 2052-64;
Accuracy of imputation to infer unobserved APOE epsilon alleles in genome-wide genotyping data
Radmanesh, F., Devan, W. J., Anderson, C. D., Rosand, J., & Falcone, G. J.
PMID: 24448547 ; PMCID:4169533 ; 2014; Journal European Journal of Human Genetics; vol. 13; pp. 4;
Back to the future: estimating pre-injury brain volume in patients with traumatic brain injury
Ross, DE, Ochs, AL, M, DZ and Seabaugh, JM
2014; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 102; pp. 565-78;
Event time analysis of longitudinal neuroimage data
Sabuncu, MR, Bernal-Rusiel, JL, Reuter, M, Greve, DN, Fischl, B and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2014; Journal Neuroimage; vol. 97; pp. 18;
Genetic Influence of APOE4 Genotype on Hippocampal Morphometry - AN N=725 Surface-Based ADNI Study
Shi, J., Leporé, N., Gutman, A., Thompson, M., Baxter, C., Caselli, J., & Wang, Y.
PMID: 24453132 ; PMCID:4269525 ; 2014; Journal Human Brain Mapping; vol. 35; no. 8; pp. 3903;
Multi-Method Analysis of MRI Images in Early Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease
Wolz, R., Julkunen, V., Koikkalainen, J., Niskanen, E., Zhang, D. P., Rueckert, D., … Lötjönen, J.
PMID: 22022397 ; PMCID:3192759 ; 2014; Journal PloS One; vol. 6; no. 9; pp. 10;
Neuroimaging predictors of brain amyloidosis in mild cognitive impairment.
Tosun, D., Joshi, S., & Weiner, M. W.
2013; Journal Annals of Neurology; vol. 74; no. 2; pp. 188-98; doi:10.1002/ana.23921
Functional activity maps based on significance measures and Independent Component Analysis.
Martínez-Murcia, F. J., Górriz, J. M., Ramírez, J., Puntonet, C. G., & Illán, I. a.
2013; Journal Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine; vol. 111; no. 1; pp. 255-68; doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2013.03.015
BrainAGE in Mild Cognitive Impaired Patients: Predicting the Conversion to Alzheimer’s Disease.
Gaser, C., Franke, K., Klöppel, S., Koutsouleris, N., & Sauer, H.
2013; Journal PloS One; vol. 8; no. 6; pp. e67346; doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0067346