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4453 Total Publications

Machine learning methods applied to genotyping data capture interactions between single nucleotide variants in late onset Alzheimer_s disease
Segura, MA, Bini, G, Orth, DF, Samaras, E, Kassis, M, Aisopos, F, De Argila, JR, Paliouras, G, Garrard, P, Giambartolomei, C and Tartaglia, GG
2023; Journal Alzheimer_s & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring; vol. 14; no. 1;
Episodic Memory-Related Imaging Features as Valuable Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer_s Disease: A Multicenter Study Based on Machine Learning
Shi, Y, Wang, Z, Chen, P, Cheng, P, Zhao, K, Zhang, H, Shu, H, Gu, L, Gao, L, Wang, Q, Zhang, H, Xie, C, Liu, Y and Zhang, Z
2023; Journal Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging; vol. 8; no. 2; pp. 171-180;
Ensemble feature selection with data-driven thresholding for Alzheimer_s disease biomarker discovery
Spooner, A, Mohammadi, G, Sachdev, PS, Brodaty, H and Sowmya, A
PMCID:9830744 ; 2023; Journal BMC Bioinformatics; vol. 24; no. 1; pp. 9;
Longitudinal Spatial Relationships Between Atrophy and Hypometabolism Across the Alzheimer_s Disease Continuum
Stocks, J, Heywood, A, Popuri, K, Beg, MF, Rosen, H and Wang, L
2023; Journal J Alzheimers Dis; vol. 92; no. 2; pp. 513-527;
The Influence of Birth Cohorts on Future Cognitive Decline
Turcotte, V, Hudon, C, Potvin, O, Dadar, M and Duchesne, S
2023; Journal J Alzheimers Dis;
Shared Bayesian variable shrinkage in multinomial logistic regression
Uddin, MN and Gaskins, JT
2023; Journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis; vol. 177;
PASSED: Brain atrophy in non-demented individuals in a long-term longitudinal study from two independent cohorts
Haas, AL, Olm, P, Utz, J, Siegmann, EM, Spitzer, P, Florvaag, A, Schmidt, MA, Doerfler, A, Lewczuk, P, Kornhuber, J, Maler, JM and Oberstein, TJ
PMCID:9992803 ; 2023; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 15; pp. 1121500;
Determinants of cognitive and brain resilience to tau pathology: a longitudinal analysis
Bocancea, DI, Svenningsson, AL, van Loenhoud, AC, Groot, C, Barkhof, F, Strandberg, O, Smith, R, La Joie, R, Rosen, HJ, Pontecorvo, MJ, Rabinovici, GD, van der Flier, WM, Hansson, O and Ossenkoppele, R
2023; Journal Brain;
Sex differences in brain metabolic connectivity architecture in probable dementia with Lewy bodies
Caminiti, SP, Boccalini, C, Nicastro, N, Garibotto, V and Perani, D
2023; Journal Neurobiol Aging; vol. 126; pp. 14-24;