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3740 Total Publications

Functional segregation of executive control network and frontoparietal network in Alzheimer's disease
Zhao, Q, Sang, X, Metmer, H, Swati, Z and Lu, J
2019; Journal Cortex; vol. 120; pp. 36-48;
Brain Connectivity Based Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease in Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment Based on Multi-Modal Images
Zheng, W, Yao, Z, Li, Y, Zhang, Y, Hu, B and Wu, D
2019; Journal Front Hum Neurosci; vol. 13; pp. 399;
Common brain disorders are associated with heritable patterns of apparent aging of the brain
Kaufmann, T, van der Meer, D, Doan, NT, Schwarz, E, Lund, MJ, Agartz, I, Alnaes, D, Barch, DM, Baur-Streubel, R, Bertolino, A, Bettella, F, Beyer, MK, Boen, E, Borgwardt, S, Brandt, CL, Buitelaar, J, Celius, EG, Cervenka, S, Conzelmann, A, Cordova-Palomera, A, Dale, AM, de Quervain, DJF, Carlo, P, Djurovic, S, Dorum, ES, Eisenacher, S, Elvsashagen, T, Espeseth, T, Fatouros-Bergman, H, Flyckt, L, Franke, B, Frei, O, Haatveit, B, Haberg, AK, Harbo, HF, Hartman, CA, Heslenfeld, D, Hoekstra, PJ, Hogestol, EA, Jernigan, TL, Jonassen, R, Jonsson, EG, Kirsch, P, Ktoszewska, I, Kolskar, KK, Landro, NI, Hellard, S, Lesch, KP, Lovestone, S, Lundervold, A, Lundervold, AJ, Maglanoc, LA, Malt, UF, Mecocci, P, Melle, I, Meyer-Lindenberg, A, Moberget, T, Norbom, LB, Nordvik, JE, Nyberg, L, Oosterlaan, J, Papalino, M, Papassotiropoulos, A, Pauli, P, Pergola, G, Persson, K, Richard, G, Rokicki, J, Sanders, AM, Selbaek, G, Shadrin, AA, Smeland, OB, Soininen, H, Sowa, P, Steen, VM, Tsolaki, M, Ulrichsen, KM, Vellas, B, Wang, L, Westman, E, Ziegler, GC, Zink, M, Andreassen, OA, Westlye, LT, Farde, L, Flyckts, L, Engberg, G, Erhardt, S, Fatouros-Bergmann, H, Schwieler, L, Piehl, F, Collste, K, Victorsson, P, Malmqvist, A, Hedberg, M, Orhan, F and Karolinska Schizophrenia Project, K
2019; Journal Nature Neuroscience; vol. 22; no. 10; pp. 1617-+;
Automatically computed rating scales from MRI for patients with cognitive disorders
Koikkalainen, J. R., Rhodius-Meester, H. F. M., Frederiksen, K. S., Bruun, M., Hasselbalch, S. G., Baroni, M., Mecocci, P., Vanninen, R., Remes, A., Soininen, H., van Gils, M., van der Flier, W. M., Scheltens, P., Barkhof, F., Erkinjuntti, T. and Lotjonen, J. M. P.
2019; Journal Eur Radiol;
Reciprocal Predictive Relationships between Amyloid and Tau Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease Progression: An Empirical Model
Krance, SH, Cogo-Moreira, H, Rabin, JS, Black, SE, Swardfager, W and Alzheimers Dis, N
2019; Journal Journal of Neuroscience; vol. 39; no. 37; pp. 7428-7437;
Cloud-Based Brain Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation and Parcellation System for Individualized Prediction of Cognitive Worsening
Sakamoto, R., Marano, C., Miller, M. I., Lyketsos, C. G., Li, Y., Mori, S., Oishi, K. and Adni, Adni
2019; Journal J Healthc Eng; vol. 2019; pp. 9507193;
Regional Amyloid-β Load and White Matter Abnormalities Contribute to Hypometabolism in Alzheimer's Dementia
Schilling, LP, Pascoal, TA, Zimmer, ER, Mathotaarachchi, S, Shin, M, de Mello Rieder, CR, Gauthier, S, Palmini, A and Rosa-Neto, P
2019; Journal Mol Neurobiol; vol. 56; no. 7; pp. 4916-4924;
Automated atrophy assessment for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis from brain MRI images
Shaikh, TAA, R.
2019; Journal Magn Reson Imaging; vol. 62; pp. 167-173;
Sex Difference in the Association of APOE4 with Memory Decline in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Wang, XW, Zhou, WJ, Ye, T, Lin, XD, Zhang, J and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 69; no. 4; pp. 1161-1169;
Identify a shared neural circuit linking multiple neuropsychiatric symptoms with Alzheimer's pathology
Wang, XX, Ren, P, Mapstone, M, Conwell, Y, Porsteinsson, AP, Foxe, JJ, Raizada, RDS, Lin, F and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2019; Journal Brain Imaging and Behavior; vol. 13; no. 1; pp. 53-64;