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4453 Total Publications

Head injury is associated with tau deposition on PET in MCI and AD patients
Risacher, SL, West, JD, Deardorff, R, Gao, S, Farlow, MR, Brosch, JR, Apostolova, LG, McAllister, TW, Wu, YC, Jagust, WJ, Landau, SM, Weiner, MW and Saykin, AJ
PMCID:8383323 ; 2021; Journal Alzheimers Dement (Amst); vol. 13; no. 1; pp. e12230;
Early diagnosis model of Alzheimer’s disease based on sparse logistic regression with the generalized elastic net
Xiao, R, Cui, X, Qiao, H, Zheng, X, Zhang, Y, Zhang, C and Liu, X
2021; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; vol. 66; pp. 102362;
A globally diverse reference alignment and panel for imputation of mitochondrial DNA variants
McInerney, TW, Fulton-Howard, B, Patterson, C, Paliwal, D, Jermiin, LS, Patel, HR, Pa, J, Swerdlow, RH, Goate, A, Easteal, S and Andrews, SJ
PMCID:8409003 ; 2021; Journal BMC Bioinformatics; vol. 22; no. 1; pp. 417;
Associations of the cerebrospinal fluid hepatocyte growth factor with Alzheimer's disease pathology and cognitive function
Zhao, LJ, Wang, ZT, Ma, YH, Zhang, W, Dong, Q, Yu, JT and Tan, L
PMCID:8493684 ; 2021; Journal BMC Neurol; vol. 21; no. 1; pp. 387;
Segregation of functional networks is associated with cognitive resilience in Alzheimer's disease
Ewers, M, Luan, Y, Frontzkowski, L, Neitzel, J, Rubinski, A, Dichgans, M, Hassenstab, J, Gordon, BA, Chhatwal, JP, Levin, J, Schofield, P, Benzinger, TLS, Morris, JC, Goate, A, Karch, CM, Fagan, AM, McDade, E, Allegri, R, Berman, S, Chui, H, Cruchaga, C, Farlow, M, Graff-Radford, N, Jucker, M, Lee, JH, Martins, RN, Mori, H, Perrin, R, Xiong, C, Rossor, M, Fox, NC, O'Connor, A, Salloway, S, Danek, A, Buerger, K, Bateman, RJ, Habeck, C, Stern, Y and Franzmeier, N
PMCID:8370409 ; 2021; Journal Brain; vol. 144; no. 7; pp. 2176-2185;
Presumed small vessel disease, imaging and cognition markers in the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Fiford, CM, Sudre, CH, Young, AL, Macdougall, A, Nicholas, J, Manning, EN, Malone, IB, Walsh, P, Goodkin, O and Pemberton, HG
2021; Journal Brain communications; vol. 3; no. 4; pp. fcab226;
Early MCI-to-AD Conversion Prediction Using Future Value Forecasting of Multimodal Features
Minhas, S, Khanum, A, Alvi, A, Riaz, F, Khan, SA, Alsolami, F and A Khan, M
2021; Journal Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience; vol. 2021;
Multiclass diagnosis of stages of Alzheimer's disease using linear discriminant analysis scoring for multimodal data
Lin, WM, Gao, QQ, Du, M, Chen, WS and Tong, T
2021; Journal Computers in Biology and Medicine; vol. 134; pp. 8;
A network psychometric approach to neurocognition in early Alzheimer's disease
Ferguson, C and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Cortex; vol. 137; pp. 61-73;