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3740 Total Publications

Mild to moderate decrease in eGFR and cognitive decline in older adults
Grasing, M, Kenned, K, Sarnak, MJ, Burns, JM and Gupta, A
2021; Journal Nephrol Dial Transplant;
FAF-DRVFL: Fuzzy activation function based deep random vector functional links network for early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease
Sharma, R, Goel, T, Tanveer, M, Dwivedi, S and Murugan, R
2021; Journal Applied Soft Computing; vol. 106; pp. 107371;
Deep feature extraction method based on ensemble of convolutional auto encoders: Application to Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis
Hedayati, R, Khedmati, M and Taghipour-Gorjikolaie, M
2021; Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; vol. 66; pp. 102397;
Estimation of Discrete Survival Function through Modeling Diagnostic Accuracy for Mismeasured Outcome Data
Joeng, HK, Adeniji, AK, Ting, N and Chen, MH
2021; Journal Statistics in Biosciences; vol. 34;
Simultaneous modeling of Alzheimer's disease progression via multiple cognitive scales
Kuhnel, L, Berger, AK, Markussen, B and Raket, LL
2021; Journal Statistics in Medicine;
Conductance-Based Structural Brain Connectivity in Aging and Dementia
Frau-Pascual, A, Augustinack, J, Varadarajan, D, Yendiki, A, Salat, DH, Fischl, B, Aganj, I and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Brain Connectivity; vol. 11; no. 7; pp. 566-583;
Comparing Pathological Risk Factors for Dementia between Cognitively Normal Japanese and Americans
Cui, CD, Higashiyama, A, Lopresti, BJ, Ihara, M, Aizenstein, HJ, Watanabe, M, Chang, YF, Kakuta, C, Yu, ZM, Mathis, CA, Kokubo, Y, Fukuda, T, Villemagne, VL, Klunk, WE, Lopez, OL, Kuller, LH, Miyamoto, Y and Sekikawa, A
2021; Journal Brain Sciences; vol. 11; no. 9; pp. 11;
Inflammation, Negative Affect, and Amyloid Burden in Alzheimer’s Disease: Insights from the Kynurenine Pathway
Willette, AA, Pappas, C, Hoth, N, Wang, Q, Klinedinst, B, Willette, SA, Larsen, B, Pollpeter, A, Li, T and Le, S
2021; Journal Brain, behavior, and immunity;
Identifying and characterizing different stages toward Alzheimer's disease using ordered core features and machine learning
Sheng, J, Wang, B, Zhang, Q, Zhou, R, Wang, L and Xin, Y
PMCID:8220177 ; 2021; Journal Heliyon; vol. 7; no. 6; pp. e07287;
Beware of white matter hyperintensities causing systematic errors in FreeSurfer gray matter segmentations!
Dadar, M, Potvin, O, Camicioli, R, Duchesne, S and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
PMCID:8127151 ; 2021; Journal Hum Brain Mapp; vol. 42; no. 9; pp. 2734-2745;