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3911 Total Publications

Accurate module induced brain network construction for mild cognitive impairment identification with functional MRI
Du, Y, Wang, G, Wang, C, Zhang, Y, Xi, X, Zhang, L and Liu, M
PMCID:9978189 ; 2023; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 15; pp. 1101879;
Comparison of Machine Learning-based Approaches to Predict the Conversion to Alzheimer_s Disease from Mild Cognitive Impairment
Franciotti, R, Nardini, D, Russo, M, Onofrj, M and Sensi, SL
2023; Journal Neuroscience; vol. 514; pp. 143-152;
Annualized changes in rate of amyloid deposition and neurodegeneration are greater in participants who become amyloid positive than those who remain amyloid negative
Groechel, RC, Tripodis, Y, Alosco, ML, Mez, J, Qiu, WQ, Mercier, G, Goldstein, L, Budson, AE, Kowall, N and Killiany, RJ
2023; Journal Neurobiology of Aging;
Regional Comparison of Imaging Biomarkers in the Striatum between Early- and Late-onset Alzheimer_s Disease
Kim, JE, Lee, DK, Hwang, JH, Kim, CM, Kim, Y, Lee, JH, Lee, JM and Roh, JH
PMCID:9841745 ; 2023; Journal Exp Neurobiol; vol. 31; no. 6; pp. 401-408;
A connectome-based deep learning approach for Early MCI and MCI detection using structural brain networks
Kolahkaj, S and Zare, H
2023; Journal Neuroscience Informatics; vol. 3; no. 1; pp. 100118;
Multimodal cross enhanced fusion network for diagnosis of Alzheimer_s disease and subjective memory complaints
Leng, Y, Cui, W, Peng, Y, Yan, C, Cao, Y, Yan, Z, Chen, S, Jiang, X and Zheng, J
2023; Journal Comput Biol Med; vol. 157; pp. 106788;
Association of Major Depressive Disorder with remotely administered measures of cognition and subjective report of cognitive difficulties across the adult age spectrum
Mackin, RS, Jin, C, Burns, E, Kassel, M, Rhodes, E, Nosheny, R, Ashford, M, Banh, T, Eichenbaum, J, Knight, K, Tank, R, Camacho, MR, Fockler, J, Truran, D, Neuhaus, J and Weiner, M
2023; Journal J Affect Disord; vol. 326; pp. 198-205;