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4453 Total Publications

Dissociation of tau pathology and neuronal hypometabolism within the ATN framework of Alzheimer's disease
Duong, MT, Das, SR, Lyu, X, Xie, L, Richardson, H, Xie, SX, Yushkevich, PA, Wolk, DA and Nasrallah, IM
2022; Journal Nat Commun; vol. 13; no. 1; pp. 1495;
Increased retention of tau PET ligand [(18)F]-AV1451 in Alzheimer's Disease Psychosis
Gomar, JJ, Tan, G, Halpern, J, Gordon, ML, Greenwald, B and Koppel, J
2022; Journal Transl Psychiatry; vol. 12; no. 1; pp. 82;
Multiplane Convolutional Neural Network (Mp-CNN) for Alzheimer’s Disease Classification
Angkoso, CV, Tjahyaningtijas, HPA, Purnama, IKE and Purnomo, MH
Left-Right Intensity Asymmetries Vary Depending on Scanner Model for FLAIR and T(1) Weighted MRI Images
Arani, A, Schwarz, CG, Wiste, HJ, Weigand, SD, Cogswell, PM, Murphy, MC, Trzasko, JD, Gunter, JL, Senjem, ML, McGee, KP, Shu, Y, Bernstein, MA, Huston, J, 3rd and Jack, CR, Jr.
2022; Journal J Magn Reson Imaging;
BG-3DM2F: Bidirectional gated 3D multi-scale feature fusion for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis
Bakkouri, I, Afdel, K, Benois-Pineau, J, Catheline, G and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Multimedia Tools and Applications;
ASMFS: Adaptive-similarity-based multi-modality feature selection for classification of Alzheimer's disease
Shi, Y, Zu, C, Hong, M, Zhou, LP, Wang, L, Wu, X, Zhou, JL, Zhang, DQ and Wang, Y
2022; Journal Pattern Recognition; vol. 126;
A Pathway-Specific Polygenic Risk Score Is Associated with Tau Pathology and Cognitive Decline
Sun, YQ, Wang, M, Zhao, YX, Hu, K, Liu, Y, Liu, B and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2022; Journal Journal of Alzheimers Disease; vol. 85; no. 4; pp. 1745-1754;
Ultra‐high dimensional variable selection for doubly robust causal inference
Tang, D, Kong, D, Pan, W and Wang, L
2022; Journal Biometrics;
Estimation of the volume under a ROC surface in presence of covariates
To, DK, Adimari, G and Chiogna, M
2022; Journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis; vol. 107434;
Sex and APOE ɛ4 modify the effect of cardiovascular risk on tau in cognitively normal older adults
Tsiknia, AA, Reas, E, Bangen, KJ, Sundermann, EE, McEvoy, L, Brewer, JB, Edland, SD, Banks, SJ and Initiative, AsDN
2022; Journal Brain Communications; vol. 4; no. 1; pp. fcac035;