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3740 Total Publications

A k-Space Model of Movement Artefacts: Application to Segmentation Augmentation and Artefact Removal
Shaw, R, Sudre, CH, Varsavsky, T, Ourselin, S and Cardoso, MJ
2020; Journal Ieee Transactions on Medical Imaging; vol. 39; no. 9; pp. 2881-2892;
Hyperbolic Wasserstein Distance for Shape Indexing
Shi, J, Wang, YL and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2020; Journal Ieee Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence; vol. 42; no. 6; pp. 1362-1376;
Limited One-time Sampling Irregularity Map (LOTS-IM) for Automatic Unsupervised Assessment of White Matter Hyperintensities and Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Structural Brain Magnetic Resonance Images
Rachmadi, MF, Valdes-Hernandez, MD, Li, H, Guerrero, R, Meijboom, R, Wiseman, S, Waldman, A, Zhang, JG, Rueckert, D, Wardlaw, J and Komura, T
2020; Journal Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics; vol. 79;
Statistical Disease Progression Modeling in Alzheimer Disease
Raket, LL
2020; Journal Front Big Data; vol. 3; pp. 24;
Volumetric Segmentation of Brain Regions From MRI Scans Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
Ramzan, F, Khan, MUG, Iqbal, S, Saba, T and Rehman, A
PMID: 29793060 ; 2020; Journal Ieee Access; vol. 8; pp. 103697-103709;
Evaluating the Alzheimer's disease data landscape
Birkenbihl, C, Salimi, Y, Domingo-Fernándéz, D, Lovestone, S, Fröhlich, H and Hofmann-Apitius, M
2020; Journal Alzheimers Dement (N Y); vol. 6; no. 1; pp. e12102;
Shape Information Improves the Cross-Cohort Performance of Deep Learning-Based Segmentation of the Hippocampus
Brusini, I, Lindberg, O, Muehlboeck, JS, Smedby, Ö, Westman, E and Wang, C
PMID: 32226359 ; PMCID:7081773 ; 2020; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 14; pp. 15;
Impact of APOE-ε4 carriage on the onset and rates of neocortical Aβ-amyloid deposition
Burnham, SC, Laws, SM, Budgeon, CA, Doré, V, Porter, T, Bourgeat, P, Buckley, RF, Murray, K, Ellis, KA, Turlach, BA, Salvado, O, Ames, D, Martins, RN, Rentz, D, Masters, CL, Rowe, CC and Villemagne, VL
2020; Journal Neurobiol Aging; vol. 95; pp. 46-55;