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4453 Total Publications

Resilience to Plasma and Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid-beta in Cognitively Normal Individuals: Findings From Two Cohort Studies
Lin, L, Sun, Y, Wang, XQ, Su, L, Wang, XN, Han, Y and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience; vol. 13;
Long runs of homozygosity are associated with Alzheimer's disease
Moreno-Grau, S, Fernández, MV, de Rojas, I, Garcia-González, P, Hernández, I, Farias, F, Budde, JP, Quintela, I, Madrid, L, González-Pérez, A, Montrreal, L, Alarcón-Martín, E, Alegret, M, Maroñas, O, Pineda, JA, Macías, J, Marquié, M, Valero, S, Benaque, A, Clarimón, J, Bullido, MJ, García-Ribas, G, Pástor, P, Sánchez-Juan, P, Álvarez, V, Piñol-Ripoll, G, García-Alberca, JM, Royo, JL, Franco-Macías, E, Mir, P, Calero, M, Medina, M, Rábano, A, Ávila, J, Antúnez, C, Real, LM, Orellana, A, Carracedo, Á, Sáez, ME, Tárraga, L, Boada, M, Cruchaga, C and Ruiz, A
2021; Journal Transl Psychiatry; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 142;
Longitudinal Associations of Blood Phosphorylated Tau181 and Neurofilament Light Chain With Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer Disease
Moscoso, A, Grothe, MJ, Ashton, NJ, Karikari, TK, Rodríguez, JL, Snellman, A, Suárez-Calvet, M, Blennow, K, Zetterberg, H and Schöll, M
2021; Journal JAMA neurology;
TE-HI-GCN: An Ensemble of Transfer Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Networks for Disorder Diagnosis
Li, L, Jiang, H, Wen, G, Cao, P, Xu, M, Liu, X, Yang, J and Zaiane, O
2021; Journal Neuroinformatics;
Multi-auxiliary domain transfer learning for diagnosis of MCI conversion
Cheng, B, Zhu, B and Pu, S
2021; Journal Neurol Sci;
Longitudinal Cognitive and Biomarker Measurements Support a Unidirectional Pathway in Alzheimer's Disease Pathophysiology
Guo, T, Korman, D, Baker, SL, Landau, SM and Jagust, WJ
2021; Journal Biol Psychiatry; vol. 89; no. 8; pp. 786-794;
Discriminative and generative models for anatomical shape analysis on point clouds with deep neural networks
Gutierrez-Becker, B, Sarasua, I and Wachinger, C
2021; Journal Medical Image Analysis; vol. 67;
Association between CSF Aβ42 and amyloid negativity in patients with different stage mild cognitive impairment
He, B, Wang, L, Xu, B and Zhang, Y
2021; Journal Neurosci Lett; no. 135765;
A Bayesian latent spatial model for mapping the cortical signature of progression to Alzheimer's disease
Dai, N, Kang, H, Jones, GL, Fiecas, MB and Alzheimer's Dis, N
2021; Journal Canadian Journal of Statistics-Revue Canadienne De Statistique;
Polygenic Risk Scoring is an Effective Approach to Predict Those Individuals Most Likely to Decline Cognitively Due to Alzheimer's Disease
Daunt, P, Ballard, CG, Creese, B, Davidson, G, Hardy, J, Oshota, O, Pither, RJ and Gibson, AM
2021; Journal J Prev Alzheimers Dis; vol. 8; no. 1; pp. 78-83;